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I Am No Longer Embarrassed over My Smile

meWhen I was younger, my mom was busy raising me and my three younger brothers on her own. She was working two jobs at any given time, and sometimes even three. She was so busy trying to keep us in a home that she did miss out on a few things like teaching us about proper oral hygiene. I do not hold that against her at all, but I knew that I was going to need to see a cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Village if I wanted to have a nice smile.
I was really embarrassed over my smile because my teeth were crooked and stained. I was brushing them two to three times a day once I realized I was in danger of maybe losing some of them, and I also used a rinse and floss. While that routine did save my teeth, it was too little too late … Read More

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Impact of Caffeine For Health

Hearing the term caffeine, we usually immediately thought of the black beverage called coffee. Yes, as the name implies, the main form of coffee contains caffeine compounds. But make no mistake, other than found in coffee, caffeine is also present at high levels in tea and chocolate. Though taste delicious, but not a few people who abstain from the beverage that tastes bitter. So in fact the coffee was harmful or actually beneficial to the body? Here we will discuss about the effects of caffeine on health.


Caffeine itself is a crystalline compound. Its main constituent is a protein derived compound called a purine xanthine. These compounds in normal body condition does have some benefits, among others, an analgesic drug which can reduce pain and reduce fever. However, the body has a problem with the presence of uric acid metabolism hormone, then the content of caffeine in the body will … Read More

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MIT researchers develop tattoo inks that could act as health trackers

Researchers from MIT’s Media Lab have developed a tattoo ink that changes colour according to varying glucose and pH levels inside the body.

The DermalAbyss project is the result of a collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students Katia Vega, Xin Liu, Viirj Kan and Nick Barry and Harvard Medical School students Ali Yetisen and Nan Jian.

Hoping to turn the body into an “interactive display”, they developed a method for replacing tattoo inks with biosensors – liquids that change colour in response to alterations in the bloodstream.

“We developed four biosensors, reacting to three pieces of biochemical information in body fluid and changing colours,” said the group.

“The pH sensor changes between purple and pink, the glucose sensor shifts between blue and brown; the sodium and a second pH sensor fluoresce at a higher intensity under UV light.”

While currently in its testing phase – in which the … Read More

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Keep Smiling

Outside of a Christmas Card from the Royal Army Medical Corps at No. 11 General Hospital – a part of the British Expeditionary Force in Italy, 1918. We really love this card here at Library Towers, and would welcome any information about it!

Date: December 1918

NLI Ref.: EPH B44

Posted by National Library of Ireland on The Commons on 2013-12-18 09:04:55

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Exercise Wristbands

Wristbands are supposed to be a strip encircling the wrist that has evolved into a multipurpose strip and has varied uses. Some are used as medical wristbands that may provide medical information and some are used for events as ID proof. Wristbands have also been associated with sports.

Wristbands have been specially designed for several games such Gymnastics, weight lifting and boxing. Wristbands provide crucial support to wrists that experience a lot of stress. A wristband may be worn for safety purposes during any sports activity or exercise.

Physiotherapists highly recommend weightlifters to wear a wristband during weightlifting sessions in the gym or during competitions. Special wristbands are designed to provide the much needed extra wrist support. For maximum support the wrist wrap should be wrapped tightly before lifting any weights. The tight grip will not only provide an appropriate support but may also improve efficiency in lifting more weights. … Read More

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Applying for Health Insurance: Then and Now

In which John Green attempts to apply for new health insurance coverage using the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges and then through a private insurer that existed before the ACA (aka Obamacare) went into effect.

It’s of course too soon to tell which of these options will be cheaper, which will offer the best coverage, and so on, but I wanted to explore how the (still very glitchy) exchanges compare to the pre-ACA experience of trying to get approved for coverage.

Yes, I realize this video is over 4 minutes. I think it meets the definition of an educational video, but I’ll leave it up to y’all to discuss in Our Pants:

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