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I Am No Longer Embarrassed over My Smile

meWhen I was younger, my mom was busy raising me and my three younger brothers on her own. She was working two jobs at any given time, and sometimes even three. She was so busy trying to keep us in a home that she did miss out on a few things like teaching us about proper oral hygiene. I do not hold that against her at all, but I knew that I was going to need to see a cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Village if I wanted to have a nice smile.
I was really embarrassed over my smile because my teeth were crooked and stained. I was brushing them two to three times a day once I realized I was in danger of maybe losing some of them, and I also used a rinse and floss. While that routine did save my teeth, it was too little too late … Read More

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Impact of Caffeine For Health

Hearing the term caffeine, we usually immediately thought of the black beverage called coffee. Yes, as the name implies, the main form of coffee contains caffeine compounds. But make no mistake, other than found in coffee, caffeine is also present at high levels in tea and chocolate. Though taste delicious, but not a few people who abstain from the beverage that tastes bitter. So in fact the coffee was harmful or actually beneficial to the body? Here we will discuss about the effects of caffeine on health.


Caffeine itself is a crystalline compound. Its main constituent is a protein derived compound called a purine xanthine. These compounds in normal body condition does have some benefits, among others, an analgesic drug which can reduce pain and reduce fever. However, the body has a problem with the presence of uric acid metabolism hormone, then the content of caffeine in the body will … Read More

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Making Friends With the Help of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Making friends can be hard to do. This is especially true for the wide range of people that suffer from social anxiety symptoms that can range from facial blushing to a constant battle with the thoughts of their own mind. For too many, being insecure or having preconceived notions about what others are thinking hinders their ability to make long and lasting friendships in life. Sadly, comfortable and supportive relationships can be the building blocks of a life well lived. If you have trouble making friends or keeping friends, you may find that CBT therapy by a trained professional can help.

When you meet someone new there is a such thing as a first impression. For you, your first impression may also include lots of accepted belief patterns and thoughts about how you think other people are thinking. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what other people are thinking. Most … Read More

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Mental Health for All by Involving All | Vikram Patel | TED Talks

Nearly 450 million people are affected by mental illness worldwide. In wealthy nations, just half receive appropriate care, but in developing countries, close to 90 percent go untreated because psychiatrists are in such short supply. Vikram Patel outlines a highly promising approach — training members of communities to give mental health interventions, empowering ordinary people to care for others.

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The Medical Billing Process

Preregistration – The medical billing process begins at the point of contact from the prospective patient. Preregistration is the first step in the Medical billing process and the revenue cycle. It is the time to gather demographic and insurance information. This information is vital to the successful adjudication of your medical claims and vital to the financial success of your practice. This step in the billing process has several front end processes. Failure to address these front end processes can and will cost your practice time and money.

Demographics – Demographic information is the patient’s personal information. It includes the patient name, address, phone number, and work phone number, date of birth, gender and social security number. This information will be important when communicating with the insurance company for claims follow up and future contact with the patient. Demographic information is personal and needs to be protected in order to … Read More