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I Am No Longer Embarrassed over My Smile

meWhen I was younger, my mom was busy raising me and my three younger brothers on her own. She was working two jobs at any given time, and sometimes even three. She was so busy trying to keep us in a home that she did miss out on a few things like teaching us about proper oral hygiene. I do not hold that against her at all, but I knew that I was going to need to see a cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Village if I wanted to have a nice smile.
I was really embarrassed over my smile because my teeth were crooked and stained. I was brushing them two to three times a day once I realized I was in danger of maybe losing some of them, and I also used a rinse and floss. While that routine did save my teeth, it was too little too late … Read More

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Impact of Caffeine For Health

Hearing the term caffeine, we usually immediately thought of the black beverage called coffee. Yes, as the name implies, the main form of coffee contains caffeine compounds. But make no mistake, other than found in coffee, caffeine is also present at high levels in tea and chocolate. Though taste delicious, but not a few people who abstain from the beverage that tastes bitter. So, in fact, the coffee was harmful or actually beneficial to the body? Here we will discuss the effects of caffeine on health.

Caffeine itself is a crystalline compound. Its main constituent is a protein derived compound called a purine xanthine. These compounds in normal body condition do have some benefits, among others, an analgesic drug which can reduce pain and reduce fever. However, the body has a problem with the presence of uric acid metabolism hormone, then the content of caffeine in the body will trigger … Read More

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A Smile Becomes Hard . . .

Friday we brought mom home from the hospital. The physician told us there was really nothing else they could do for her, her diagnosis was " failure to thrive,"She has become to weak to talk, and eating, and drinking is a real chore for her, simply put she is dying. Today as she lay in her bed and I was giving her a little to eat and drink. I said, " well I guess you will be seeing dad pretty soon . . ." He passed away eight years ago. At that she teared up and took my hand. I said, " well that’s a good thing, you will no longer be in any pain." And I haven’t any doubts that the Jesus that she and dad served for sixty years in the ministry will be waiting to take her hand and guide her into the next life. I then … Read More

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Presenteeism: The Hidden Costs of Business

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Presenteeism, a relatively unknown concept, is the complement of Absenteeism. It is defined as the measure of lost productivity cost due to employees actually showing up for work, but not being fully engaged and productive mainly because of personal health and life issue distractions. Currently, Presenteeism is estimated to be up to 7 tim times more more to employers than absenteeism. (1)

Statistically, Presenteeism rears its ugly head and shows itself for what it really is … a costly, somewhat unseen threat to employers. It is considered a threat because of its stealthy nature. The term itself is new, only recently added to our language. Considering the following alarming statistics, your business may be in danger.

o Presenteeism accounts for 61% of an employees total lost productivity and medical costs. (4)

o Presenteeism costs employers an estimated $ 2000 / yr / employee. (10)

o Employees working at … Read More

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Health Benefits of Turmeric

For more info:

In today’s video I want to share with you the incredible benefits of turmeric. There are over 6000 clinical studies proving turmeric to be the #1 healing herb today. The reason turmeric is so beneficial is because it contains an active compound called curcumin that is highly anti-inflammatory.

Some of the main benefits include:

1. Anti-inflammatory which helps relieve pain

2. Helps balance blood sugar levels

3. Anti-microbrial properties

4. Supports detoxification

5. Cleans out your arteries

A few ways to get more turmeric into your diet is by adding a tablespoon of turmeric to a glass of coconut milk as an herbal tea. You can find the recipe here:

Another way you can consume turmeric is by adding it to chicken breading, adding it to burger meat, salad, hummus, or simply in a capsule form.

*This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and … Read More

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Ostrich Ambos – 2

The Kaliphlin Medical Corps have been brought into the fight against the plague in Avalonia. They travel between affected villages, distributing much needed supplies such as disinfectant, bandages and healing herbs, as well disseminating vital information about avoiding infection and disposing of the dead. In emergencies, they can also be called into action as makeshift ambulances, ferrying those who still have a chance of survival to the nearest designated hospice. This is when the twin ostrich carts come into their own, proving much faster than their horse drawn counterparts.

Built for Guilds of Historica, ChII Cat A.

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