I Am No Longer Embarrassed over My Smile

meWhen I was younger, my mom was busy raising me and my three younger brothers on her own. She was working two jobs at any given time, and sometimes even three. She was so busy trying to keep us in a home that she did miss out on a few things like teaching us about proper oral hygiene. I do not hold that against her at all, but I knew that I was going to need to see a cosmetic dentist in Greenwood Village if I wanted to have a nice smile.
I was really embarrassed over my smile because my teeth were crooked and stained. I was brushing them two to three times a day once I realized I was in danger of maybe losing some of them, and I also used a rinse and floss. While that routine did save my teeth, it was too little too late … Read More

Impact of Caffeine For Health

Hearing the term caffeine, we usually immediately thought of the black beverage called coffee. Yes, as the name implies, the main form of coffee contains caffeine compounds. But make no mistake, other than found in coffee, caffeine is also present at high levels in tea and chocolate. Though taste delicious, but not a few people who abstain from the beverage that tastes bitter. So, in fact, the coffee was harmful or actually beneficial to the body? Here we will discuss the effects of caffeine on health.

Caffeine itself is a crystalline compound. Its main constituent is a protein derived compound called a purine xanthine. These compounds in normal body condition do have some benefits, among others, an analgesic drug which can reduce pain and reduce fever. However, the body has a problem with the presence of uric acid metabolism hormone, then the content of caffeine in the body will trigger … Read More

Introducing Genomics in Healthcare

With new technologies we can now examine the whole of a person’s DNA — their genome — quicker and cheaper than ever before. In this video, Vivienne Parry OBE introduces the fundamentals of genomics and its growing importance for healthcare.

Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme is developing a substantial education programme to inform healthcare professionals about the impact of genomics on clinical practice. This video is the first educational resource from the programme.

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Rest in Peace, Fiona, our daughter

Early yesterday evening, 3 January 2015, we watched our oldest daughter finally give up her strong fight against so many medical issues and struggles. Heavy bleeding into her chest cavity that would not stop and three cardiac arrests, have given us all a roller-coaster of a ride the last two days. She has had to fight all her life, since the age of 11, dealing with each new problem with such strength. She had made it very clear to us at various times in more recent times that she would never want prolonged “heroic measures” performed if she was ever in that position. The last thing she wanted was to live the end of her life, be it weeks, months or even years, in a state where she had to rely on others to do every single thing for her, with absolutely no quality of life at all. So, after … Read More

Could Your Health Issues Be Caused by Neurotoxins

Neurotoxins are minute compounds that may come from exposure to pathogens such as bacteria and fungi – in these cases they are known as biotoxins. Neurotoxins can also be free radicals. They create problems in the body which can lead to disease and premature death.

Free radicals are small damaging particles that can result from exposure to chemicals and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury. It is also believed some free radicals may be overproduced internally by the body when certain bodily systems go wrong, such as free radicals produced by chronic inflammation. In Chronic fatigue syndrome, poor mitochondrial function and chronic inflammation are two processes which are believed to increase free radical stress on the body. The key point to understand is that these internally or externally produced toxins are:

* Fat soluble, so they are not flushed out with water

* They dissolve into the fats … Read More






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Wishing you a very…

Happy Thanksgiving.

I would like to give thanks to all my Flickr friends for your support and friendship. Have peace and joy in your life each day.

Quisiera dar gracias a todos mis amigos de Flickr por su soporte y amistad. Que tengan paz y alegria en sus vidas cada dia.

To answer my friend ABERLIN2009 (question below) what am I grateful for this year. Health, my family, my friends, my achievements with my photos, that I am taking care of my dog with terminal cancer (diagnosis came 2 months ago) spending quality time with her. This year is a difficult one for my family for several reasons but I am strong in mind and heart to help overcome the hard times. Blessings from the Lord are pouring each day over are way, that is my last and more important thing that I am grateful for this year.

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