Sree Siddalingeswara Yogavana Hills Registered as Charitable Society (non profit, non religious) to serve the needy in 1994. Located 29 KM from Bangalore in a lush green hilly forest at Kanakapura road. Sree Siddalingeswara Yogavana Hills is founded by Sri Kapardhi Siddalinga SwamiJi is a Shiva Yogi, from Basava Guru Origin and acclaimed Country Folk Herbal medicinal Practitioner.
The Organization also provides prililiminary facilities for Sadhakas those who want do their Sadhana. It offers country folk herbal medicine for many incurable and chronic diseases. Swami ji acquired mastery of coutry folk herbal medicines through family tradition which continued since 12th Century. Swami Ji also wants to restore greenery through green revolution of the Yogavana hills and planted lakhs of saplings throughout Yogavana hills and all other places where swami visited. The saplings were home grown through Nursery in the Yogavana hills. Saplings were grown in the plastic bags which are re used from milk, curd, oil, Grocery etc covers.
The organization also established Pyramid with Athma linga shape for sadhana and training. It can also house old age and orphan people who can help themselves to maintain on daily basis. The organization also conducts Yoga and mediation programmes starting from beginners to advanced level (master).
At present Shiva Yogi conducting one day crash course to start sadhana for the people who are interested. Pre registration is must and they have to wait for their chance/turn. Every day participants learn 5 therapies out of 31. By the time they complete 31 therapies they will acquire tremendous knowledge of life, tolerance, patience, concentration, fixed objects/goals of their life. They can also learn home remedies for many diseases, root cause for the health problems, secrets of life and transcend their limitations.
Life transforming experiences on the line of self realization.