Accidents happen every day – Blood is needed every day…

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14 June every year. It is an opportunity to express gratitude to those who donate their blood in order to save lives, without expecting anything in return.

Millions of people owe their lives to people they will never meet – people who donate their blood freely and without any reward.

Voluntary unpaid donors are the foundation of a safe blood supply because they are least likely to transmit potentially life-threatening infections, such as HIV and hepatitis viruses, to the recipients of their blood. It is to these unsung heroes that World Blood Donor Day is dedicated.

Facts about giving blood:
– Donating blood is quick and easy
– Most people can give blood
– You can give blood every 16 weeks
– Giving blood will not harm your health
– You will donate just under a pint each time
– Donated blood is quickly replaced by your body

Can you give blood?

Do something amazing.

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