From the 298 (Barbadoes St) Youth Health Centre’s Facebook page:

The original 198 Youth Health Centre opened in May 1995 at 198 Hereford Street, and successfully provided 15 years of holistic health care services to thousands of underprivileged young people in Christchurch.

Unfortunately, a series of funding crises forced 198 to close in May 2010. This closure was met by a huge community protest and left a gap in holistic, youth friendly, health care in Christchurch. Two attempts to restart the services at different venues failed because of earthquake damage, and loss of furniture and equipment.

Despite all these set backs, we, the Korowai Youth Well-Being Trust officially opened a new Youth Health Centre on 31st August 2012, ‘298 Youth Health’ which is dedicated to the memory of Dr Husam Sabar Al-Ani who tragically died in the CTV building collapse.

The Vision of the Trust of a Korowai/Cloak, is to create an enabling environment where healthy development can occur for young people by providing health services in conjunction with other like minded services, to jointly provide a holistic facility to meet all round needs of young people in Christchurch, especially those that are most vulnerable.

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