For healthy skin, Eyes, Hair, Tummy difficulties, Joint agony, Headache, Intervals, Lekoria, Sexual issues, Menopause, Cold & Cough and For Extended Daily life.

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Joint agony ka gharelu ilaj.
Intervals, Menopause, Sexual issues ka gharelu ilaj.
Pranayama and Yoga For a Extended Daily life.
3 स्वास्थ्य सूत्र जो बदल देंगे आपकी जिंदगी |

Translation – ” Baba ji claims that if anyone has abdomen difficulties, they should follow Kapalbhati pranayam 15 min each and every morning, chew food stuff correctly though ingesting, try to eat more salads. Giloy Ghanvati tablets or plant, Aloevera juice and Amla juice are 3 points that if u consider daily will keep u healthy eternally. These will give healthy strong hair, healthy eye, skin, avoid leukoria, white discharge , sexual issues, cough, chilly, fever and so on. These are extremely valuable for young children as very well. Eat 1 Spoon Ghee each and every day for glowing skin, healthy mind and extended lifetime.
Haldi, Methi, Soonth Powder are extremely valuable for joint agony if taken with milk.
People today with joint agony should avoid Amla Juice.
Aloevera cures Joint agony permanently.