Others prefer albino ferrets as domestic pets. The prime features of these ferrets namely red eyes and pink nose are what makes these pets visually different. Their white-colored coat is also much preferred by other ferret owners, all because they can be easily spotted in darkened rooms and spaces.

Presently, there is no study or extensive research being made concerning albino ferrets.  Misconceptions are also evident as to why others are apprehensive in owning these pets. But are albino ferrets really different? Can you be an effective owner to both a black-footed and albino ferrets?

Here are some of the interesting facts about these extraordinary pets:

1.    Just like other ferrets, these pets are diurnal animals. They are most energized during the early morning hours and love to take afternoon naps.

2.    Curiosity is innate in albino ferrets. In fact, this trait is very much apparent in other ferrets. They love to explore and roam inside holes and small spaces, which is why you have to ferret proof your place before owning them.

3.    You have to bathe them once a month. Establishing this routine may be difficult but bathing your pets often can only lead to dry skin and secretion of excessive skin oil by their oil glands.

4.    As these ferrets get older, they become more susceptible to health risks and other illnesses. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of domestic ferrets require lifelong medication once they reach older age.

5.    Did you know that albino ferrets are also used for therapy? The same goes to other types of colored ferrets. In fact, children with autism benefit from this form of therapy. Even the elderly find these pets lovable and interesting.

6.    These animals are obligate carnivores. It is also necessary to point out that meat forms part of their daily diet.

7.    Historically, since ferrets are great for driving rabbits out of their burrows, the US Military formerly use them in placing underground wires and cables.

There are so many things that you can learn about albino ferrets. The more research you conduct, the more you realize how normal these ferrets can be. Surely, they are unique in their own way, but caring for these creatures still require the most basic affection and treatment. There is no such thing as a special type of care system for these types of ferrets. No one can even define a sort of distinction or boundary. For the only thing that makes these albinos different, is our way of thinking.