Pakhzin meets up with mental health peer support worker Hayley to get an insight into a career that has a focus on helping others in a practical, caring way.

As Pakhzin experiences, the role is varied and takes place in many different environments. Creating a rapport with people and gaining their trust is crucial and is something that often takes a couple of meetings. Helping in many practical ways, the support worker might help someone regain confidence or overcome a fear and help establish goals that can be worked through gradually.

Other roles in the mental health field include occupational therapy plus music and art therapy. These therapies can help relax and open communication for people who could be isolated or suffering a mental health issue.

Psychiatry is another career coming under the mental health umbrella and Pakhzin finds out about a unique computer game being developed at the University of Auckland to help young people overcome depression.

With many options available, find out more about this, and a huge variety of other careers, at


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