You must have heard about the new way of seeking therapy assistance right from the comfort of your smartphone. Nowadays you don’t require waiting at the office of the therapist; all you need to do is send a text message to the therapist and he’ll be there for you. For all those times when a text message is all that will work for you, such strategies always come in handy. The invention of the new technologies will make counseling therapy accessible to all those who suffer from depression, stress, anxiety and other such problems.

If you’ve begun your research on websites like or other therapy apps, you should consider the head-to-head comparison of the two best therapy apps, BetterHelp and TalkSpace.

TalkSpace – Probably the biggest in the market

TalkSpace claims to have more than 500K peeps on their counseling platform and they offer a web and mobile platform which promises to get you in touch with one among their 1000 therapists instantly. The sign up process is less complicated and the conversation starts off then and there. Once you begin your account and a conversation, you have to initially fill out a form. There will be a definite kind assessment of the problems that is done and this is basic stuff which you might have to do even when you visit the office of a therapist.

Next, the matching will take place and it is needless to mention that you don’t have to look for your match as the app will help you find out the right therapist after asking through the gruelling session of question and answers. The service is as much as your expectations and within a day, you will be matched with a therapist with whom you can start sharing your problems. The cost of the services is affordable enough and you can begin at $32 in a week for unlimited video, audio calling along with text. They’re also HIPAA compliant.

BetterHelp – The promise to give quality help

The promise is to offer people with best quality professional help while they’re already facing the challenges of life so that they can stay happier. The questionnaire process is pretty same as the one that we saw on TalkSpace and this is a bit impersonal. With more than 2000 therapists on board, you can be sure that they are going to find the best match for you. They can even match you with 2 therapists so that you can work with the best one. You can then start chatting with the therapists so that you can solve your mental health issues as soon as possible.

To conclude, both apps will have good user experience and they can be accessed both on mobile and web. What can be a better option than having the ability to talk to the therapist all throughout the day?

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