Friday we brought mom home from the hospital. The physician told us there was really nothing else they could do for her, her diagnosis was " failure to thrive,"She has become to weak to talk, and eating, and drinking is a real chore for her, simply put she is dying. Today as she lay in her bed and I was giving her a little to eat and drink. I said, " well I guess you will be seeing dad pretty soon . . ." He passed away eight years ago. At that she teared up and took my hand. I said, " well that’s a good thing, you will no longer be in any pain." And I haven’t any doubts that the Jesus that she and dad served for sixty years in the ministry will be waiting to take her hand and guide her into the next life. I then told her through the tears in my own eyes that I was happy that her and dad chose me, ( I was adopted ) because we’ve seen the world together. I was born in northern Alaska where it gets to 70 below zero in the winter. And when I was nine years old we moved to the hot, steamy, tropical jungles of Panama. Now that is going from one extreme to the other. I have loved every minute of my life and my parents have given me a life that many people only read about. There is no doubt where my love of traveling came from. As a result of mom’s decline in health this past year we have stayed home much of the year, but I long to be on a plane headed off to some exotic place, where Paula and myself do the same ministry that my parents did for so long. Sure my smile will not be gone long, as a matter of fact as I think of all the friends I have made through this venue, " I smile " as Mathilde would put it. Mom may have weeks, she may have hours, I don’t know. But I am not concerned about what’s next, it’s what we have to look forward to . .’-)

Posted by Lees2dent on 2008-03-16 12:54:02