There is an increasing demand for bariatric surgeries in the United States and many men and women now are overweight and a considerable number are morbidly obese. When the case of extreme obesity, the usual approaches to diet and exercise may not be that effective, and weight loss surgery becomes essential.

Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics group are a premium bariatric surgical service in the New Jersey tri-state area. One of the best bariatric surgeons’s in the country, Dr. Ragui Sadek leads the team here and hundreds of bariatric surgeries have already been successfully accomplished by this group.

Using cutting-edge technologies and most advanced procedures in bariatric specialty, the Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics group offers a wide range of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries and robotic surgeries to cater to the specific needs of various patients.

The staff

The staff of Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics of NJ is fully dedicated to providing the best in class services to the patient and also committed to continued education and practicing the cutting-edge surgical methods.

Bariatric surgery can also create complications if not done properly. The expert team at the facility are well trained and experienced to deal with any circumstances and treat the patients with respect, sympathy, and dignity. The professional team of consists of experts in the field who has got the skills and the knowledge right.

Latest technology

As of late, Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics administer weight loss surgeries with the help of da Vinci Surgical System, which makes it many risks free and accurate. It is a minimally invasive surgical system, which allows the surgeons to perform operations through very tiny incisions and also with the aid of robotics technology. It also enables 3D HD magnification and small wristed instruments to ensure more perfection.

The procedures

Some of the major weight loss procedures conducted at Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics group include;

  • Gastric sleeve

The procedure is also known as sleeve gastrectomy, in which the surgeon creates a small sleeve-shape stomach. This procedure is ideal for obese patients with BMI of more than 35. Mot of the times, gastric sleeve is conducted as the primary phase of a two-step surgical procedure.

  • Gastric banding

Also known as LAP-BAND ™, two devices are implanted into the abdomen as a silicone band and the injection port. The band will be placed around the upper stomach, which split the stomach into two connected chambers. Lap-band needed to be adjusted periodically.

  • Gastric bypass

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is one of the most advanced and effective modes of surgical weight loss. This procedure is intended to create a much smaller stomach and thereby contributing naturally towards weight loss. In the surgery, a Y-shaped section of small intestine is getting fixed directly to a pouch, so that the food bypasses a large part of the intestine and thereby reducing absorption volume.

In any case, the method to be chosen is not a sole decision to make. You need to first book an appointment with the expert bariatric surgeon at the facility who will evaluate your case and administer necessary screening exams to decide which procedure is essential in your case.

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