Looking for a medical information site that’s compact and easy to navigate with an easy to follow format? Then check out the new venture by Purple Trout Media called Advice Healthy (www.advicehealthy.com). It’s purpose is twofold. You can get helpful information on a variety of topics, as well as, find a doctor in your area or anywhere in the country.

You start out on the homepage with news articles on a variety of topics which change daily, along with a featured article that is hand-picked by our Advice Healthy staff. But don’t stop there. On the Health Topics page you can choose from a variety of health related categories to read up on…everything from Alternative Medicine to Women’s Health. Even more categories are in the works. These articles are updated frequently to keep you abreast of the current treads.

Our “Find a Doctor” feature is nationwide and easy to use. You can search by a doctor’s name, specialty, or state they practice in. Yet there’s more. Doctors who choose to participate in Advice Healthy get their own personal website to inform potential patients about their practice. After you complete your search, you can navigate to these doctors’ sites by simply clicking on their name. Once at a doctor’s personal website, you will find out where the doctor practices, office hours, and affiliations. They introduce themselves and what their practice is all about right there on their homepage. The services the doctor provides and any articles or other information that the doctor would like to impart are also included on additional pages within their site. You can even print any forms that you will need to fill out for your first appointment.

So have a look around. You’ll want to come back again and again to read up on interesting health topics and to find that doctor that’s just right for you. See you on the web at www.advicehealthy.com.

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