It’s strange how life calls you in unexpected directions, in spite of all your plans. When I moved to New York, I really felt I was following my destiny: to pursue a career on Broadway. And while I still carry the hope that I will one day be able to sing again, my health issues have put that dream on hold for now. Now I feel I am suddenly being called out West, to cultivate my newfound passion for photography and film/tv. It seems so strange to pick up and move across the country, after having tried so desperately to plant roots in New York. But there’s something telling me that I need to do it, even if it means saying goodbye to so many things. I need to go where I am happy, and hope that all the other pieces fall into place.

This was another unintentional shot I ended up liking. Hopefully one of my concept photos will actually pan out soon. Different version below.

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Posted by Leah Johnston on 2010-02-27 16:12:21

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