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Name: Louise Anna Spence
Age: Almost 18.
Languages: English, French
Favourite Color: Wine red, and teal 🙂
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Career Aspiration: Travel, and incorporate being paid into that.
What are your passions?: Writing, photography, acting, looking after my friends, reading, procrastinating, finding beautiful things, vintageness, and retro style things, listening to music.
Hobbies: Flickr, my dear. Going out and doing crazy things in the name of photography. Sailing, saxophone, and various other things I can’t remember.
Goals in life: Be happy. Be inspired, and hopefully be inspiring. Make a difference to at least one person’s life. (A positive difference!) Fall in love.
Favourite book: One day. And my geeky alterego (*ahem*) would admit, the mortal instruments series. Currently reading Skippy Dies, it’s quite good.
Favourite movie: Into the wild, Sherlock Holmes, Inception, UP.
Favourite animal: Sadie. But Twist, my uncle’s puppy, melts me.
Favourite song: Don’t get me started! Over all time, it’d probably be Iris – googoo dolls.
You watch: Too many movies. Just saw Beastly. Uhhh, Doctor who. Occasionally glee. Gossip girl. Alright, alright, hit me already.
One random fact about you: My eyes go green when I cry.
One thing you wish you could change about the world: I wish that happiness wasn’t viewed in material.

uhh, other tag: I’ll delete the ones that overlap:

Location: the sofa.
Birthplace: Lincoln, UK.
Time in America: Zero minutes.
Favorite Album: Afjezejogveneo currently listening to this modern glitch. I don’t like choosing favourites.
Political Orientation: Nghh, it varies.
Favorite Cuisine: Chinese; crispy chilli beef <3
Car You Drive: Not legally…

And the third:
Five most important things in my life:
1. The people
2. The other people.
3. My health
4. School, much as I complain…
5. The future. It’s looming.

Aaaaaaand breathe.

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