I’ve been wanting to give this shot a try for a while and thought the "Advanced Photographer’s Photo 24" event (24 hours of photography in London) would be a great choice.

At the event I was lucky enough to meet photographer Shaun Hodge, who was all too happy to swing some burning steel wool directly at me. 🙂

I’m happy to say that my two standard umbrellas held up to the task…for this shot at least! A big thanks to Alex Laberge for sacrificing her own shot to press my shutter for me. In fact, without Shaun, Alex, and Brian (thanks for driving!), I wouldn’t have got the shot and they clearly sacrificed their own for mine. My first Photo 24 and just meeting completely new ridiculously unselfish photographers was the highlight.

Note to the Health & Safety people: Yes I wore eye protection (and a hat)…and the Thames was next to me should I catch fire!

Featured by The Londonist news/media website on 30/6/14. Thanks!
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