Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f/1.9
Mamiya 645 Super
Fuji 160S 120
Scanned on Epson 1640SU
Color and editing in Lightroom

Nothing about the image or the title was ever intended to be "shocking". It is only meant to offer a shift in perspective for those who fail to recognize that such animals suffer for their trivial pleasures. The idea that the title is somehow "too much" can only be a result of ignorance of commercial farming/slaughtering practices or the childish and foolish notion that the suffering of animals is somehow lesser than the suffering of human animals. This notion shows that the notion holder has never given more than a moments emotional dissonance and never any serious rational thought to the question of suffering.

A pig is so close to humans from a biological perspective that we have used components of their bodies in our surgical procedures. Pigs are at least as smart as dogs or human toddlers, the image above is meant to humanize the animal for those who see themselves as disconnected from it. If it helps, let yourself visualize dogs and babies while you watch this: (Farm to Table documentary clip)

If you’ve watched that video and still think the title makes a somehow inappropriate comparison, then you’re either exhibiting a sociopathic lack of empathy or still confused about why the bar for torturous, monstrous behaviors should be raised. It’s also a matter of the scale of the slaughter and the way in which it goes on under our noses with our silent consent, while we are publicly horrified, we do nothing to affect change. I’ll be happy to offer more evidence for my point about dehumanizing behaviors and attitudes, starting with Abu Ghraib.

It’s also important for each of us to realize that WE are responsible for this pain and suffering, the pain and suffering of literally millions of animals each year; approximately 13,000 pigs are slaughtered per hour. That means the same figures apply to the brutal castrations and other abuses. FACE IT, we do this to the animals for our own pleasure, none require bacon as a necessity – the pleasure of bacon or a hotdog, the pleasure of a steak or a quick, cheap burger… Each of these animals faces a lifetime of torture that ends only when they’ve become a meal for dozens or even hundreds of ‘people’ who will never even consider that this cruelty is a direct result of their continued financial support and apathy. They do this to the animals because it is cheap and it is easy, the only way to shift that paradigm is for consumers to take responsibility and boycott unethically sourced products. So, next time you pass a fast food restaurant, do your health and your soul a favor, refuse to indulge in ongoing brutality.

I realize that since disconnection and apathy are the norm and that dismissal of "lower life forms" is our self-absorbed status quo, it means my conviction that livestock should be afforded the care and respect due all living things – even if you’re going to eat them, will be perceived as an extreme point of view by some.

Now that I’ve had a chance to explain my perspective and just a few of the significant parallels of one unfathomably inhumane period in human history to the currently ongoing and ever increasing scale of another, I hope my choice of title is better understood.

Posted by christophergreene on 2010-10-05 08:15:01

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