My very clever wife mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she stumbled across a sweet location to go searching for the Ball of Light. She fired me this link., an article by Brett Williamson who i recently did an interview with.

The location is a heritage listed site that was the main quarantine station for South Australia during the smallpox and typhoid epidemics of the late 1800’s. The amazing thing about this location is that is resides on an island that now houses the massive power station for our city. Thus it is enclosed in a high security area, and is fundamentally untouched. SO it is clean and untouched by the wonders of modern spray painting artists.

The building here is the morgue, the Ball of Light is up on the "slab" which was pretty eerie to say the least. The coolest thing about the building is that during the day it is absolutely swarming with bees! I had pretty much discounted it as a location because of this. But thought late into the night that they might be asleep, and sure enough when I got there they certainly were. Sweet.

Overall it was a fascinating experience, and once again made me realise how lucky we are to live in a time when health issues such as this do not exist (to a degree).



Posted by biskitboy on 2012-03-02 23:57:53

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