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Concurrent Documentation for Treating Patients with Mental Illness

Concurrent Documentation is strategy that can be learned and applied in a relatively short period of time. Essentially, concurrent documentation means that provider staff work with the clients during assessment, service planning and intervention sessions to complete as much related documentation as possible and appropriate.

There are a number of significant benefits to concurrent documentation including:
1. Enhancing client and family involvement in the therapeutic/ rehabilitative process (i.e. it supports the Person Centered “Golden Thread” and… clients and families like it!
2. Improves the quality of life for staff by eliminating documentation backlogs and the feeling of ‘never catching up”. It can drastically reduce documentation time to direct service ratios.
3. Helps staff more easily attain performance standards and have time for other useful activities.
4. Focuses and improves the quality of documentation content

The primary steps to a transition to concurrent documentation involve:
1. Motivating staff by clearly demonstrating … Read More