Labeled as one of the most popular male aphrodisiacs on the market today by the manufacturer, black ant pills have been seen in several retailers throughout the country. While it may sound quite disgusting to ingest ground up black ants, ancient chinese medicine has proven to be effective at fighting erectile dysfunction issues in men. So what makes these pills works so well. I studied the products main website to help learn more about it, and present the information to you in a clear and concise way.

Sold by a company called Universal Natural Supplements, this sexual health product has actually been very popular in the far east, and made its way to the US just a few short years ago. It is made up entirely of crushed black ants, something that was discovered almost 500 years ago by a chinese homeopath. Apparently, it works by increasing the adrenal glands which help with overall sexual function. It has actually been used to help treat a number of ailments, including muscle pain, back pain, and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are no side effects to taking black ant pills according to the products website, as it is a 100% all natural supplement. These can actually be found in many local stores, although the major chains have yet to place them on the shelves. A package of 15 will cost you anywhere between $20 – $25 per box, which is about a one month supply. You can also order safely and securely through