Week 13/52

HEY guess what I just got in the maillllllll a 3 pound box that has 365 photos in it!!!!! :DDDDD They all look so amazing. I’m use to the digital versions and the sharpness on flickr but on prints they look.. oh gosh I cant speak.

That also means, for my print giveaway winners, I will be sending out your prints tomorrow and you should get them next week. Sorry for the wait!!!

I realized I haven’t done a close up self portrait in a while soo here ya go. I also realized I love black and white again.

I’ll just give a list of things that I must tell everyone:
1. High school is stupid and crazy.
2. I have to march in a parade this Sunday witht he marching band.
3. I joined photography club and we have to bring in at least one photo per meeting, soo I need help choosing one for the next meeting. Help.
4. In health class we wrote letters to ourselves that he will send to us after graduation.
5. I also need to do an oral report on pancreatic cancer in health class but I got out of it with my magical emotional skills. Seriously. I mean, I chose the topic but the teacher said I don’t need to present if I’m not confortable.
6. Did I mention that marching band is terrible?
7. I’m writing a book with my best friend McKayla (two seperate ones).

Yes okay then.

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