Gulf Fritillary Butterfly – Agraulis vanillae (Linnaeus, 1758) (See below why Linnaeus
is listed & his importance to the scientific classification of insects..etc);
Family: Brush-footed Butterflies (Nymphalidae) Subfamily: Longwings (Heliconiinae)
Identification: Upperside bright orange with black markings; 3 black-encircled white dots on forewing leading edge. Underside brown; forewing with orange at base; both wings with elongated, iridescent silver spots. See: .
For more information on Carolus Linnaeus, see: (born May 23, 1707, Råshult, Småland, Swed. — died Jan. 10, 1778, Uppsala) Swedish botanist and explorer. He studied botany at Uppsala University and explored Swedish Lapland before traveling to the Netherlands to complete his medical degree (1735). There he became the first to develop principles for defining genera and species of organisms and to create a uniform system for naming them, binomial nomenclature. Linnaeus’s system was based mainly on flower parts. Such a system was valuable in that it enabled students to place a plant rapidly in a named category. Linnaeus not only systematized the plant and animal kingdoms, but he also classified the mineral kingdom and wrote a study of the diseases known in his day. His manuscripts, herbarium, and collections are preserved by London’s Linnaean Society. His works include Systema Naturae (1735), Fundamenta Botanica (1736), and Species Plantarum (1753).
Pinks usually grow much smaller than carnations and are scented. Some types of
pinks will flower twice in a season, once in the Summer and again in Autumn. The single
flowers range in colours and types, they are carried on fine stems, have five petals
which overlap slightly. Flowers are split into four classifications of self, bicolour,
laced and fancy. Self coloured pinks are of a single colour. Watching this lovely flying
flower (butterfly) it flitted from flower to flower in a bed of petunias and pinks… it passed
on the petunias and went on til it found more pinks… it definitely preferred the pinks
and not the petunias!!
Taken in Montgomery County, Texas, USA.
EXPLORED #167 on November 9 and
EXPLORED #445 on November 10.
Thanks so very much to everyone that made this possible!!!
It is greatly appreciated!!! Wishing you a blessed and lovely week… Hugs!!!

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