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Stride Health: Alex Honnold’s Urban Ascents (Full Film)

Spend a day in San Francisco pushing the limits with the world’s best free-solo climber Alex Honnold. Presented by

This is the untold story Alex Honnold’s first ascents of San Francisco’s iconic urban landscape. Join Alex and Stride Health on a journey from the boulders of Stinson Beach to the heart of the city.

He climbs Mark di Suvero’s eye-catching sculptures on Crissy Field, chimney’s up the iconic Palace of Fine Arts which celebrates its 100th anniversary next year, and wraps with a daring Financial District ascent in the shadows of the TransAmerica building.

“I spend so much more time on rock where its so natural to me, whereas with buildings its much more of an adventure… I don’t have that much experience climbing up buildings, so its more exciting.”

You’ll see the playful side of Alex, and find out what truly scares him (spoiler: Board Room balconies). Urban Ascents … Read More

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2014 – Ft. Lauderdale – A Sun-Sentinel Reader

Sitting in a park beside the New River in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

From Wikipedia:
The Sun-Sentinel traces its history to the 1910 founding of the Fort Lauderdale Weekly Herald, the first newspaper on record in the Fort Lauderdale area, and the Everglades Breeze, a locally printed paper founded in 1911, which promoted itself as "Florida’s great Farm, Truck and Fruit Growing paper." In 1925, the Everglades Breeze was renamed the Sentinel. That same year, two Ohio publishers bought both the Sentinel and the Herald, consolidating the newspapers into a daily publication called the Daily News and Evening Sentinel. In 1926, Horace and Tom Stillwell purchased the paper. However, the devastation wrought by the 1926 Miami hurricane caused circulation to drop and, in 1929, Tom Stillwell sold the paper to the Gore Publishing Company, headed by R.H. Gore, Sr. By 1945, circulation of the Daily News and Evening Sentinel had climbed … Read More

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15 Questions to Ask a Grant Writer For Hire

Here are 15 questions to ask a grant professional you are considering for a job:

1) What is your grant writing success rate? The best way to determine a success rate is to divide the number of approved grants by the number of submissions.

2) What are some examples of grants you have received?

3) How much money have you received in grants?

4) What is your primary area of grant writing expertise?

5) What is the main type of funders you have approached? For example, have you mainly approached private corporations and foundations or public government agencies on a federal, state or local level?

6) What has been the main focus of your grants… like education, health, human services, arts and culture, environment?

7) What types of expenses have you gotten funding for… like seed money, curriculum development, and travel?

8) What experience do you have in the area … Read More

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Bury our regrets.

Week 13/52

HEY guess what I just got in the maillllllll a 3 pound box that has 365 photos in it!!!!! :DDDDD They all look so amazing. I’m use to the digital versions and the sharpness on flickr but on prints they look.. oh gosh I cant speak.

That also means, for my print giveaway winners, I will be sending out your prints tomorrow and you should get them next week. Sorry for the wait!!!

I realized I haven’t done a close up self portrait in a while soo here ya go. I also realized I love black and white again.

I’ll just give a list of things that I must tell everyone:
1. High school is stupid and crazy.
2. I have to march in a parade this Sunday witht he marching band.
3. I joined photography club and we have to bring in at least one photo per … Read More

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