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International Law And The Right To A Healthy Environment As A Jus Cogens Human Right


To date, traditional international law does not consider human environmental rights to a clean and healthy environment to be a jus cogens human right. Jus cogens (“compelling law”) refers to preemptory legal principles and norms that are binding on all international States, regardless of their consent. They are non-derogable in the sense that States cannot make a reservation to a treaty or make domestic or international laws that are in conflict with any international agreement that they have ratified and thus to which they are a party. They “prevail over and invalidate international agreements and other rules of international law in conflict with them… [and are] subject to modification only by a subsequent norm… having the same character.” (1) Thus, they are the axiomatic and universally accepted legal norms that bind all nations under jus gentium (law of nations). For example, some U.N. Charter … Read More

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Top Three Gifts for People Who Love Zumba

Zumba is currently one of the top workout programs for people who are passionate about dancing as a way of burning off calories and who are looking for a fun way to exercise. Here are the top three gifts to give to people who just want more zumba in their lives!

  1. The Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD Set. This set has 4 DVD’s that have six different classes on them. There is a beginning tutorial that breaks down the steps. This set also includes 2 toning sticks that are used for the toning portion of the class. A guidebook and tips on incorporating a healthy diet are also included. With this DVD set you can set your own schedule and exercise in the privacy of your home.
  2. Zumba Fitness Video Games for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 is to be released in November of 2010. This is
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Using Your Health Savings Account to Pay For Over The Counter Supplements

When the government tells you that you qualify for a tax deduction, you should take it.  Don’t claim more than you deserve, but take everything you’ve got coming.  There is no honor in paying more taxes than you really owe.  Using your Health Savings Account to pay for over-the-counter supplements is one deduction you want to make sure you don’t miss.

Qualified Expenses

A partial list of qualified medical expenses is provided in IRS Publication 502.  There is no such thing as a definitive list of “qualified medical expenses”, though there have been thousands of cases involving the many nuances of what constitutes “medical care” for purposes of section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, virtually any expense that is primarily for the prevention or alleviation of a physical or mental defect or illness can be considered a qualified medical expense.  Any qualified medical … Read More

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Spices For Depression – They Really Can Spice Up Your Mood

Some spices such as saffron, sage, cardamom and chillies are known to have specific anti-depressant effects; while others work indirectly by improving the general health of the individual.

General effects of spices

Spices have the highest antioxidant activity of all food types including fruit and vegetables (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2006). Antioxidants are very important in countering free radical damage which can in turn aggravate or cause many degenerative diseases.

All chronic degenerative diseases are associated with free radical damage and an increased incidence of depression. Therefore preventing or treating them by eating antioxidant-rich foods like spices, will also help to reduce the incidence of depression.

For centuries, saffron has been used to treat depression in traditional Persian medical systems.

Recently some clinical trials have shown that this yellow spice is indeed as effective as many of our current anti-depressant drugs in treating mild to moderate depression.

The … Read More

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Lemon Balm Tea (Melissa Officinalis) – Health Benefits

Lemon balm tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea made from the plant, Melissa officinalis. Melissa officinalis is one of many herbs which have a natural lemony fragrance without the sourness and acidity caused by citric acid in lemons. This article explores the health benefits and medicinal uses of lemon balm, and the benefits of drinking an herbal tea brewed from this herb.

Lemon balm is very easy to grow in temperate climates with adequate rainfall. It can be made into a hot drink, or steeped and then chilled to form an iced herbal tea. It can be consumed either on its own or blended with other herbs or even with caffeinated teas.

Reducing anxiety:

There is some suggestive preliminary evidence that lemon balm may be effective for treating or reducing anxiety. The effects do not seem to be as strong as those from other herbs, such as passionflower, but … Read More

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