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Feeding Squirrels The Right Way

Few people realize the importance of feeding squirrels a well balanced and nutritious diet. After all, they’re only squirrels! Good squirrel nutrition is very important for some very logical reasons. There are people who love to hate squirrels, but squirrels play a very important role in our world. For those who take the time to observe them, squirrels can offer an endless supply of zany behavior that can bring a smile to your face and amaze you with their resolute ability to entertain. Squirrels also play a much larger role in the food chain.

As much as I love squirrels, the harsh reality is that squirrels are at the bottom of the food chain. The only thing lower is the occasional insect or grub worm that a squirrel will eat. Other animals depend on the squirrel to make up part of their diet. Therefore, it’s vitally important that the squirrel … Read More

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5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Medical Field

It's difficult to even begin to touch on how many ways new and growing technology has changed the medical field. The average lifespan today is between 75-85 years old in this country and continues to rise year after year. Is it that Americans are finally heeding warning of the Food and Drug Administration or is technology now able to erase the effects of years of unhealthy living?


Doctors now know that genetics play a part in possibly passing on diseases from one generation to another. Knowing a patient's health history because of the role genetic testing has played in identifying diseases passed on from generation to generation can give doctors an early start on what to look for in a patient. Vaccines have also played an important role in prevention of diseases and technology has allowed the newest vaccinations to prevent certain types of cancers.


Regular blood tests … Read More

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The Affordable Care Act Effect: How the Affordable Care Act Affects Medical Practices

The practice of medicine is highly revered in the U.S., and yet no other industry or career path has as much regulation or such widespread and public potential of litigation for malpractice. The days of the venerable country doctor are over, yet the public still holds that perception, while the reality is more controlled by Federal agencies, insurance companies, Congress, drug companies, attorneys, and technology.

Today, more than 65% of the new physicians bypass private practice when they begin their practice of medicine. Largely due to the costs of starting a practice (much of which is due to the heavy regulation and litigation potential) these new doctors would rather be employees of hospitals and have someone else take all or most of the risk. Just a few of the laws that have contributed to this transition are The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) passed in 1996; the Balanced … Read More

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Presenteeism: The Hidden Costs of Business

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Presenteeism, a relatively unknown concept, is the complement of Absenteeism. It is defined as the measure of lost productivity cost due to employees actually showing up for work, but not being fully engaged and productive mainly because of personal health and life issue distractions. Currently, Presenteeism is estimated to be up to 7 tim times more more to employers than absenteeism. (1)

Statistically, Presenteeism rears its ugly head and shows itself for what it really is … a costly, somewhat unseen threat to employers. It is considered a threat because of its stealthy nature. The term itself is new, only recently added to our language. Considering the following alarming statistics, your business may be in danger.

o Presenteeism accounts for 61% of an employees total lost productivity and medical costs. (4)

o Presenteeism costs employers an estimated $ 2000 / yr / employee. (10)

o Employees working at … Read More

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Sewage Damage – The Health Risks it Poses to People

When we hear of the term sewage, we really have a very clear idea of what it looks like. We know what sewage is and where it comes from. We are so grossed just having to think that it came from our bodies’ excretory system, but then, despite its gross nature, we are still being careless in terms of its disposal.

Sewage can cause health risks to people. It is well-known that sewage is the accumulation of human wastes such as feces and urine. Because of its characteristic, it is indeed true enough that it has various pathogens and allergens that can be very harmful to people’s health.

There are several diseases are caused by sewage damage. It is important to have an idea of these diseases and the effects of these to our health.

The Dangers of Sewage damage to people’s health

The people are at great risk of … Read More

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