Chapter 2 of a 4-week series spread over the year within a 52 week challenge. See below (comment one) for Chapter 1, which starts the story in the spiral of depression and substance use. I am using this story as a mental health awareness series in the hope it opens discussion to a topic that is full of stigma to the point that people are often afraid to talk about it.

Chapter 2 – Spiralling further into depression is scary and lonely. Even as a hand reaches in to help you feel misunderstood and so alone. The hopeless seems endless. In a moment of bravery or in a moment of spirits being lifted you wonder if you can reach for the hand. It seems too far.

***For anyone who is going through some form of depression, substance abuse, or otherwise I hope this image is true to experience though I hate to think that you are going through this…. If you can and need to, I hope you can reach out for help.

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