Learn the benefits of chewing gum by chewing on these interesting chewing gum facts.

Chewing sugarless gum like Think Gum can be helpful in preventing cavities. When you chew sugarless gum, you produce more saliva in your mouth and this helps you to neutralize the plaque in your mouth. Studies on chewing gum facts have shown that saliva levels have increased as much as ten times when a person is chewing sugarless gum. It has been proven that the chance of developing cavities has been reduced by as much as 40% when chewing sugarless gum like Think Gum.

Chewing gum on a regular basis can help give you whiter and cleaner teeth.

You don’t have to be in the army…

Meals packed for the military routinely include packs of chewing gum for soldiers to chew while out in the field. Soldiers chew gum to reduce tension and stay focused.

Many of us do not do anything to relieve the tension that we feel every day. Studies that were begun back in 1939 show that an activity like chewing gum can help to release the tension that we feel. Recent studies on chewing gum showed that chewing gum not only relieves stress but helps to increase mental alertness.

Improve your performance at work!

We all have tasks at work that require concentration and focus. A recent investigation into chewing gum revealed that people who chewed gum while repeating simple tasks were able to concentrate and focus more on the task than people who were not chewing gum while doing the same task.

Think Gum is a sugarless chewing gum that can help you focus more on your tasks. Scientists are exploring the idea that chewing gum may stimulate the brain to release chemicals that help relieve stress. But the best way to find out is to try it for yourself…

Benefits of Chewing Gum

The benefits of chewing gum are many. Let’s see how you feel about these: Would you like to have

…a Healthier Mouth?
…Greater Alertness?
…Better concentration?
…Lose or maintain your weight?
…Fewer colds and sinus infections?

A simple low calorie way to achieve all this is to chew a piece of sugarless gum like Think Gum, every day.

No one likes to get colds and sinus infections.

During certain times of the year, people with allergies experience dry mouths and postnasal drip. When your mouth is dry, there is not enough saliva to neutralize the presence of bacteria.

The bacteria then have the golden opportunity to thrive. This can cause dental cavities and infections such as ear infections. Chewing Think Gum will help you to increase your saliva and reduce the risk of infections.

Think Gum is a also a good choice because it contains xylitol which inhibits the growth of bacteria in your mouth.

Weight Loss…

Another one of the benefits of chewing gum is that it will help you maintain or even lose weight.

A piece of Think Gum contains peppermint. The aroma of peppermint has been shown to curb your appetite. Everyone who is on a weight-loss diet gets hunger pangs, and chewing a piece of sugarless gum like Think Gum can help you control what you eat and when you eat. So instead of reaching for that high calorie bag of chips, just pick up a piece of Think Gum.

There are numerous health benefits to chewing gum and research has been done on how chewing gum can keep you from getting infections. Stay Alert!

Falling asleep while studying for exams? Chewing gum can help you to stay focused and alert while doing repetitive tasks. If you find yourself thinking about other things instead of focusing on what you need to get done, then you should try chewing gum.

Think Gum is sugarless and has natural herbs in it that will help you concentrate and feel better.