Cockatiel breeding is a task that requires much dedication and time. The adult birds and babies may also get sick and need to see a vet, so it may also become costly. Make sure you’re prepared to give your birds the attention and care they need. If you’re ready to get started, here are a few tips on breeding cockatiels.


Cockatiels reach sexual maturity around six months old. However, it’s best that you wait until they’re at least a year and a half old before you breed them. They may suffer unnecessary health problems if you begin too early. Males can be fertile up to 14 years old and females up to 10 years of age, so you’ll have plenty of time.


Before you choose the pair for cockatiel breeding, you need to consider their health. If you want healthy chicks, you need to be sure both birds are healthy and well-fed. They also shouldn’t be related. To be on the safe side, it’s best to have both of them checked out by an avian vet. They may appear to be fine, but may have an unnoticeable health condition.


When breeding cockatiels, you need to limit them to two clutches each year. Since they will be kept indoors where conditions are optimal, they will normally breed all year long. However, having more than two clutches a year will put too much stress on the female’s reproductive organs. All of the egg laying will also deplete her of calcium and other nutrients, which will lead to even more problems.


Cockatiels normally breed between spring and autumn in the wild. This is because there are more daylight hours, warmer temperatures, food sources, and rainfall during this time. As a breeder, you can simulate this. Provide more artificial lighting, water misting or bathing, and a nutritious diet. All the birds will need is a nestbox after that.