Health benefits of Cranberries:
One of the most wildly known benefits of cranberry consumption is the possible protection against urinary tract infections. The word possible is highlighted because a very recent study has called this benefit into question, but it should be noted that the study was done on a specific, small population, and the amount of cranberry extract (via a pill) that was used was also small.

According to research, proanthocyanidins (photochemicals that exist in cranberries) prevent bacteria from sticking to the unitary tract, which in turn makes it harder for UTIs to happen. Proanthocyanidins are strongest in raw cranberries, un-sweetened cranberry juice, and organic capsules, and it should be noted that a high dose needs to be ingested for the properties to work.

There’s also been ample research into the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial aspects of cranberries, thanks to their high amounts of polyphenols and proanthocyanidins.

A lesser known health benefit of cranberries is their contribution to oral health. The same proanthocyanidins that keep bacteria from forming on the urinary tract also help keep certain bad oral bacteria — which causes cavities and gingivitis — from setting up shop in our mouths. Additionally, cranberries help improve the integrity of gum tissue.

As with all health changes, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor before beginning any kind of supplement routine, but if you’re looking for another way to keep inflammation and germs at bay inside your body, a daily dose of cranberries is a terrific start. #GREENBLENDER

Posted by raihan_khan86 on 2018-09-03 22:54:52