got sick of wasting time trying to take nice pics?
got sick of wasting big money on expensive and useless digital photography equipment?
got back from your vacation and don’t have any decent pic to show to your buddies?
need to impress someone special by pretending to be a good photographer?

from now on, you can throw your camera into the garbage, forget about tricky freaky Photoshop stuff, and try Min-d-onwnload™ v1.0, a new plug’n’play software that will allow you to download your images directly from your mind. Trial version is available for free!

[this ad was produced with Min-d-onwnload™ v1.0]
[thanks to my model and muse for being thinkable and downloadable]

Mental typewriter? Really?
"It uses 128 electrodes placed on the scalp to translate thoughts into cursor movements on a computer screen. The concept is still in its infancy, as evidenced by the five to 10 minutes it takes just to write a typical sentence.
Technology Watch comment: As ubiquitous computing brings computer access to everyone wherever they are, new user interfaces need to be developed to support disabled users and users who do not have their hands free. These types of interfaces will become more and more common as we see wearable computer solutions become reality." (courtesy of my Flickr friend Elaine)

also take a look at this article, about thoughts read via brain scans, from BBC News

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