If you decided to hump these cars loaded with ballast and brakes set, you might discover how soft your body parts REALLY ARE! This is the spot chosen to set out the ballast and equipment for re-ballasting the main line as well as the branch line. The GREX label is for the Georgetown Railroad Equipment Company. They claim it can move 2000 TPH, tons per hour with one operator, but this unit claims to be a 2800. The water is down, leaving an enormous amount of work to be accomplished. The water sure did a good job of cleaning the ballast out. We don’t know how much help will be forthcoming, what with a drunken, alcoholic speaker of the house and his TEAhadist buddies. This project belongs to Burlington. Gummint doesn’t even want to pay for their and Boy George’s senseless wars. Apparently all this is because of an anemic health care law, the poorest coverage of all industrialized countries with single payer. Vermonters will soon enjoy that. Egad we only have a gutless, middle of the road centrist opposition party to fight the TEAhadists. as long as the fossil fuel industries own our psychopaths and their legislative processes, as poor as they are.

The ballast work is now done on the downtown mainline and we are blessed with whistles through the night once again. Repairs were done on the branch line west of Hygiene just before the rains came. There is a great deal of work to do on the line to Lyons as soon as the cement plant decides if it will reopen. A lot depends on whether the cement plant decides if it can strip more of the soils for their raw materials.

This was taken at the bottom of Bowen Street up the Burlington RR branch toward Lyons and the cement plant past the closed Golden Ponds. The status of the cement plant is questionable now. Two rivers converge in front of Broley. Some folks are convinced the river ought to be moved back to some of the original empty course. Darwin should chime in on that idea.

Trail Ridge and Rocky Mountain National Park were closed as the second access route to Estes Park with the righties shut down of the country as the second access route to Estes Park. Snows on the Divide have delivered a final closing of the pass road. After the anti-American faction in Congress relented, Trail Ridge was opened for a short time for the season. Estes is closing down now but they might not vote for psychopaths any more. Let’s all hope the voters can finally elevate their intelligence quotas. Lyons is being resettled now and Broley is a small island. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/rockypix/sets/72157630174540860/]

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