SAN PEDRO de MACORIS, a cartoon comedy – thus a photograph turned into a cartoon for your entertainment.

shooting from the HIGUAMO BRIDGE
I lived here 4 years.
I became a physician here.
I learned a different culture, became fluent in another language here.
had extremely intimate relationships here, got married & divorced here and
had the opportunity to study and become EQUAL to any AMERICAN medical graduate here.
I owe the Dominican Republic a tremendous amount of gratitude. And i feel that gratitude. These are not just words.
I learned a great deal there apart from Medicine. I have been back almost every year since 1980.

Many colleagues/friends of mine would love to see a nuclear bomb drop on this part of HISPANOLA. They…. like myself had a very very strenuous hateful time in such a backwards city/nation.
I understand all of this. I don’t accept it though! Coming from AMERICA the DR was a diseased backwards
illlogical fourth world country. San Pedro was run down no roads, little electricity water and the antiquated way of doing and thinking was yes similar to a CARTOON COMEDY series. Yet we were all captive in this illogical backwards place because we wanted one thing, that piece of paper with Doctor en Medicina on it. And what a firkin struggle it was. Studying in 2 different languages, the list goes on and on and on. We were not spoon fed like American medical students. We were treated like detritus by envious jealous professors who wanted the good life in AMERICA but couldn’t have it. WE ( most of us ) were one day going back home to practice Medicine in the richest nation in the world. A far cry from the DR. I digress.
But instead of hating and maintaining grudges those who realize what a gift it was living in the third world will have grown from the experience. Those who remain " AMERICANOS, AMERICANIZED, ARROGANT, and ABSOLUTELY UNABASHEDLY
RESENTFUL for the FIGHT we had to go through everday there to survive, will ofcourse
never GROW, and never get PAST their angry and vengeful feelings. This i believe is a tragedy. A huge TRAGEDY.

The third world, the impoverished world the culturally "SLOW and BACKWARDS" nations have a lot to teach us in our FAST PACED, out of control, only MONEY ORIENTED FOCUSED CULTURE. The problem is WESTERNERS dont have the PATIENCE to see it. The first reaction to a slow MANANA, Banana Republic culture
is hatred, intolerance, denunciation, arrogance and powerful indignation.

They dont allow themselves to see the GOOD and the BEAUTY of it all.
Westerners are so addicted to FAST, LOGICAL, MONEY, TIME IS MONEY, MONEY IS EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS MONEY they lose sight of VIRTUOUS living.
ITS so much fun to PUT DOWN PEOPLE if theyre poor and not educated with degrees from great universities.
IT makes those who cast aspersions feel powerful & in control yet this is all illusory.

The thing is We (sterners) think we know it all and we should be teaching everyone else.
Everyone else should be learning from us.


as a Psychiatrist for 32 years I’m sorry to say this isn’t how life works.

Mansions, boats fancy shmancy cars and jewelry never guarantees happiness. We think conspicuous consumption is a normal virtuous way of living and what our children should live by.

I am not defaming a hard working judeo christian ethic.
I am questioning the arrogance it produces and the pseudo perceptions of life it generates.

I am saying we overvalue the power that MONEY gives us. I am saying America has made it the GOAL in life . The end all to end all. The ultimate reason to live THE reason to live. The final solution. Most Westerners WORK to make money to buy those INANIMATE OBJECTS we SO DONT NEED. what i call simply NONSENSE. We know the price but not the value of anything.

WE work to get that 40 thousand dollar car that will get us to where we are going as good as a 10 thousand dollar car will. A bicycle would be cheaper and more beneficial health wise for certain.

When Medicine, prisons, education, and even Music and the law are BUSINESSES something is very wrong with society and its consequences will surely be felt in the next few hundred years.

I think its too late for AMERICA.
NATIONS LIKE INDIA have existed for thousands of years.
I doubt AMERICA WILL last another thousand years.
More are coming. YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET……………………………………………

Posted by Glenn Losack, M.D. on 2014-05-16 19:12:56

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