Wassurp guys??!
Well that was certainly one heck of a way to start a description!! I must warn you, I have just drank a Coca Cola (other fizzy beverages are available), so this description might be a bit crazy!! I’m warning you as I try not to hit the backspace button, as I want to show you more of my mind. *insert crazy scientist face here*
Some of you love my descriptions, but others find them as exciting as watching a possum trying to make love to a melon, so it’s your choice whether to read on or just go and do something else. Whatever that something else may be. So long as it’s not murdering someone or immediately going on google to find a possum trying to make love to a melon. Oh dear. My mind. I really worries me sometimes.

So, where should I start? At the beginning. That would be the best place to start. But unfortunately I’m already part way through my description, so I guess the best place to start is about now. But what should I start on??? Agghhh!!! Planning is probably best for my descriptions. :L

Okay. I think I know where I’ll start. My last photo. Or should I say ‘video’? You guys don’t really need to worry about that. It’s just some art work for my GCSE which I have done. It’s just asking as a link so my teacher can see it really! Hi Sir, if you’re reading this! (Just thought how much of a mad man he would see me to be after reading this. Mentioning possums making love to a melon. Jeesh. That’s three times I’ve said that already. And now I think it should also be the title. Hmmm….)
But also, I need to mention my other photo. It didn’t seem as popular as normal. Well that’s probably because it was a photo of a pretty common car and another car under a cover. But as well as that, I’m not too happy with the editing. I just couldn’t really do much with it. However, I am much more pleased with this photo. [Wow, that leads me right onto something else I can talk about! Great!…]

…The car. Whilst I was in Germany, I went to a town that was pretty local to wher I was staying. It was a nice architectural town, called Wetlzar. As we were wondering the streets, I found this racing Mini, just parked up outside their cathedral. It was quite busy at the time, but no one was around it or taking photos. So I took the opportunity to take a couple of clean shot of it, with no one else in the frame. Pretty lucky really.
Also in Wetlzar, I saw a 997 Turbo Cabriolet, some classics like an old Alfo, Porsche 924, Triumph GT6 and a 2CV. But around the same time, I went to Solms’ (the place I was staying) supermarkety place. It was a two minute drive. But I saw a C63 AMG Estate, Alpina B6 Convertible, Renault 5 Turbo and, quite amazingly, an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione! There was a small Alfa dealership in town, and I just happened to go past in the short period of time that someone was there in an 8C!! Pretty lucky again.

I think this description is long enough now, (just like the Possum’s-erm…I’ll stop there), so I shall get onto my questions for this upload.

1. Big Fish, Little FIsh or Cardboard Box? Which do you prefer?
2. The new Mini Paceman. What do you think about it? Useful piece of trash, or a stylish alternative?
3. Which is better? Mitsubishi Spacestar or Peugeot 207 SW?
4. Do you prefer Cakes or Biscuits?
5. Favourite Cake?
6. Favourite Biscuit?
7. As ever, what do you think of my photo? Likey or no-likey? Plus any comments or criticisms.

And now for something I’ll ask you to do every time…
8. Be random. Say what is on your mind exactly at this moment in time.

So I hope I haven’t scared anyone off with this strange description. This is kind of a change from the recent me, and I’m glad I’m getting back to my old normal self. I’ve had a tough few weeks. Family health problems, tonnes of exams, a load of revision and getting over things that I never thought, or wanted, to end. If you read my descriptions often, you can probably guess what this ‘thing’ is, as it really changed my life. I wrote about it in a photo of a certain green Lamborghini, if you really want to know what I’m talking about.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Peter Saunder’s photo stream!!! Peter Saunders Photography

Oh, and one last thing. I’m going to have lots of free time over the summer, so I’m going to free to edit some of your photos if you want! Just message me over Flickr or write something in the description and I’m sure I’ll be able to do something for you as a little thank you for the support over the last couple of years.

Thank you guys for all the support! Now don’t forget to favourite, comment, whatever! (Can you tell that my Coke high [the drink, not the drug] is already wearing off? Jeez.)

Tom 😀

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