I’m not major on quoting, but I can’t resist repeating some of Barbara Ehrenreich’s editorial in the February “Harper’s”. With all because of respect to everyone who’s provided me “positive imagining” tips, I’m cheering Barbara on when she writes the adhering to:

I dislike hope… There. It is out. Let pestilence rain down on me, for a whole refrain of voices increase up to insist that hope, optimism and a positive attitude are the keys to health and longevity… I acquired through my bout of cancer in a condition of continual rage, directed chiefly in opposition to the kitschy positivity of American breast cancer culture. I stay, if not certifiably cancer-no cost down to the last mobile, at least hope-no cost. Do not blunder this affliction for hopelessness, in the beaten or passive perception, or confuse it with unhappiness. The trick, as my teen hero Camus wrote, is to draw toughness from “the refusal to hope, and the unyielding evidence of a everyday living without the need of consolation.” To be hope-no cost is to take the tumour in the CAT scan, and to plan one’s moves appropriately.

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Tagged: , selfportrait , clones , pyjamas , kitchen , for the record… this is not a black eye… just a fairly exaggerated version of my regular undereye luggage , i had to leave the household today and actually did not want to , also… while i actually do like and value what Barbara E has to say… I have to acknowledge that I am a hoper , nevertheless hopeless my hope may possibly be!! , i typically lie awake at evening… promising myself that TOMORROW is when i’m gonna get it all with each other , and i actually, truly feel that some working day i will , er… just not today , tomorrow , yeah, that’s it – tomorrow. mainly because, as we all know, tomorrow never comes , ummm… back again to not seeking to leave the household… this pic was my way of forcing myself to get dressed, so i COULD leave the household