Milla is a lab and have a guess, what she loves most – yes, it is feeding on. So my initially shot this year demonstrates her greedy angle ) She loves just about every vegetable and fruit (at the very least these which are allowed to eat with out health problems). Initially, I tried out to consider a shot of her ready for us at the kid grid which she hates, but I fully failed to get a shot I preferred. Then I assumed of earning the kid grid a small bit a lot more exciting and much less bothersome to her by allowing her to eat some treats from it. I definitely preferred the notion of getting a “saliva shot” of her and this is what arrived out soon after enjoying all around a small bit.

Some specialized details: I utilized a flash in the background to insert a small bit drama (hope it worked )) and a flash from the still left shot through an umbrella.

Posted by 123ben on 2013-01-05 17:31:44

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