Weird Health Chips Taste Test

We’ve tried chips that are trying to be healthy, but how good are healthy food that are trying to be chips?  GMMore #1457

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Parenthood As A Developmental Experience

When seen only as presiding over a child’s growth, parenting can be frustrating and burdensome. However, when seen as an opportunity for personal growth, parenthood is one of the most creative and affirming experiences that life offers.

Parenthood is a career that deserves as much planning and diligence as does a remunerated career. Individuals grow as much, or more, in their careers as parents as in their vocations. Parenthood offers opportunities to broaden personal horizons when parents try to model the qualities they would like to see in their own children. For some parents, rearing their own children offers an opportunity for them to become the parents they wish they had.


Parenthood necessitates sacrificing personal interests, particularly those related to careers, entertainment, and recreation. It means the loss of privacy, time, and personal freedom. It entails emotional, physical, and financial burdens, not the least of … Read More

539/600 – Mr. Roberts

This man was circling us asking for a cigarette and generally posing a distraction while I was positioning my previous Stranger (Thomas) for his photo on Dundas Street in downtown Toronto. It was a distraction I could do without and I told him I was sorry but I don’t smoke and wished him well. The distractions continued and I could tell he had a mental health issue so finally I just said I needed to take this photo for my project to which he said “I’ll wait and then you can take mine too.” I said “Ok, I just need a few minutes here."

I really didn’t get much peace because he was dancing around us asking questions as I worked on Thomas’ photo but when I finished with Thomas I could see that this fellow was not moving along as I had expected so I said I’d be glad … Read More