Summer 2014 at Flood Fall Provincial Park, BC, Canada

It was my first time at this park, and I was not really amaze at the beginning and wonder why after shooting 100 flicks, and was still not impress. This waterfall is a little bit like a fairy tales, but it is missing something, and after viewing all my pictures, I found out that the rocks at this site are not beautiful, and there is not enough green around the fall and the creek because as it call it; Flood Fall, it flooding each year and scrape the vegetation all around the fall and creek, but also that the rocks are all the same colors and with sharp edge, not like beautify round bolder who have been round up by the water since thousands of years. It is the only shot that I like of this waterfall, and I saw that every photographer who have been there before, have done the same shot then me, so don’t waste time and energy on it, shoot this!

Tip of the day

The search for your next photography site: Google Earth

I had talk about this before, but this mandatory to do this before you go on a new spot for taking pictures. Google Earth is a free download software who give you the tool to navigate around the globe and view all the world in 3d, but one thing very useful is that they operate in collaboration with Panoramio photo share website, and you can view all the pictures who have been taken at the site of your choice before you hike a mountain at 2000 meter, and realize that there is nothing there for you!

One really cool stuff that Google have made is the Ground view, you can be standing at the position you want and view the scenery at 360 degrees of the future site, and for making it more easy, you can imagine that the view is your camera, and you can go up and down for an overview of what you creative scenery will be at the site. Finish hiking and wasting your time and money!

Another tool, that is mandatory for a photographers, is where is the sun will show up and go down. This tool give you the sun itinerary in the sky when you use the Ground View, It is telling at what time the sun will appear in the sky, but also give you the scenic shadow that it will produce on the scenery, very useful in the mountain for not waiting four hour for the sun to show up at minus 20 in a windy valley freezing your nuts and toes!

You can also use the Placemark tool for pin point the best spot for your picture, and print the map for your next shooting session, very good when you are in a mountain, you don’t have to waste time hiking slop and valley before the sun is too high or too low. Google Earth give you the GPS position of the Placemark of your choice, it is up to you to pin it in your GPS, you will not walk around in the bush for a long time before you found the best lookout for the shot.

The Path accessories will be useful for counting the time that it will require you to go on site starting at the trail to your Placemark point, and also may be others Placemark point that you can may have the time to do in the same morning before the sun get to high.

For the Astro photographer, there is another great tool for viewing other planet and especially the start position in the sky, I never use it, but I will soon, and will give you a shot about this if it is useful for positioning your camera for start trail.

That’s it guys, I am very pleased to have you on my site, I like when you send me questions and critics, it is forcing me to get better on site next time, but also the fact that I am in my bed almost 23 hour a day since my other car accident last December 2014. I had an operation yesterday, thing look like going well for the moment, that Is what I feel this morning, and I hope that the other operation will permit me to start walking without pupping up pain killers by the dozen and feel like I am at Woodstock in the 70’. So, your comment are really position for my mental health right now, and keep going guys, don’t stop shooting, have a nice day!

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