This is for you Dad – Welcome home. We love you!!

We will be eternally at the alter of gratitude for how well my father was treated in the hospital after he suffered a serious heart attack last Monday. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Emergency Dept. at the Gimli Community Health Centre in Gimli, and to Dr. Gera. Thank you also to Thor, Larry and Irene, for being there for us. Major thanks to Dr. Cordova and Dr. Greg Klar and all the incredible, caring professionals at St. Boniface Hospital CCU ward. Thank you also to all of our friends and family members who kept vigil along with us – your support, kind words and prayers were so important and truly helped. Even the weather was on our side as we commuted daily from Gimli to Winnipeg. The blessings are many and we recognize them all.

Update: My father is doing very well, and getting stronger every day.

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