In support of the Inspire Foundation and to help raise funds and awareness for the prevention of suicide and improvement of mental health and well being in men, the "Man Book" was launched today. Put together by the very inspiring Mark Pollard and Gavin Heaton, the book titled The Perfect Gift for a Man – 30 Stories about Reinventing Manhood, focuses on the stories of 30 contributors on topics such as respect, fragility and loss. Although I didn’t manage to write anything for the book, I was honoured to play a part through my contribution as a photographer. 2 images, destined to spend the rest of their lives on my hard drive, were given life and purpose again through use on the front cover and within the book! For more information on the book, head to or you can support the Inspire Foundation by buying an


or a

Real life physical book!

Please buy this perfect gift for the men in your life.

Had some classic face plant shots from this sequence which I may or may not post.
Also shot one saving the world in my super hero getup.

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Posted by Mark Lobo . on 2006-03-13 08:19:40

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