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Many of them calls this place their second home, it’s about a group of elderly people coming to "Harmony Centre" in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. Home is the place where you find the warm welcome, where you can stay with others, where you feel warm, cozy and never hungry. They have no more neither the strength nor the health to work, most of them are jaded heavy, had long-term work, some had even important positions, and there are artists, doctors among them.

Empire, which promised so much left them with nothing, and when they found themselves with no children, husband or wife they realized they have nothing to live for and are completely alone. Then they discovered "Caritas” and Polish priests there. And there was prepared a place for them – "Harmony Centre", where they felt as those who have not been forgotten. So it was like this for the last few years. Today "Harmony" wants to live, to open its doors to those who knows what it means to be there very well, and also for those who come here for the first time and will stay.

… But its functioning is threatened; those who were the sponsors of the Centre due to various reasons cannot support it any longer. Without the support it will be closed this autumn. Some of the elderly, to whom yet no one said anything, as if sensing ask: “What will happen to me when “Harmony” will be closed, I do not have anyone?”

Why the "Harmony"?

“Almost all who come to the "Harmony" are lonely people. In their homes often they do not have hot water, heating – says Nana Nadzlviszvili, manager of the Centre – With us they can be together with others, not alone. For them, it is important to take a warm shower and stay in heated rooms, especially when winter comes. In the capital fairly common feature is the view of elderly people begging on the streets. Caritas Georgia helps as much as it can: organizes the canteen, clothing distribution point and etc. State aid granted to senior citizens social support, which, when converted into zloty, is 180 zł (43 EUR).

For whom is the “Harmony”?

In the "Harmony Centre" there are currently 40 people. They are lonely, sick and destitute people.

– I am a war veteran. I took part in the war in Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. I met Polish people, took care of them that is why I highly respect them. They are very friendly and warm people. "Harmony" is everything to me. My older daughter has died, and if there was no "Harmony" is would definitely lose my mind. Although it is difficult for me, here I feel much better. I am very grateful, thank you, that there is "Harmony" – says Ivlita Kuciaidze, age 92. Among the 40 mentees there are Ola Gardawa, age 87 (engineer), Raisa Giekowa, age 87 (physician, virologist), Dina Bogorodieckaja, age 88 (teacher), Emilia Manukoglian, age 67 (constructor, doctor). Collecting means for seniors in Georgia will continue until the Day of Grandparents, which in Poland is celebrated on 21st and 22nd of January. In Georgia this grandfathers and grandmothers have no one to help. They were alone. Can we support them? As Fr. Jerzy Limanówka, President of the Foundation noted – 3€ payment will be used to buy food, 5€ for food and cleaning, and 10€ for food, cleaning products and medications. There are no small amounts. "If the drop said: I’m not needed, there would be no ocean."

Donate any amount to the following account:

Name: Pallotynska Fundacja Misyjna

Bank name: Bank Pekao SA – Centrala


Account number / account (IBAN): PL 44 1240 1095 1111 0010 3468 8020

Title: Donation Harmony


PayPal: [email protected]
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