History and Health Effects of the Grapefruit Diet to Help Celebrities Lose Weight

With the recent trends in obesity and expanding body sizes, nutrition and weight loss have become popular topics in everyday conversations. The ever-expanding diet industry has spawned numerous products and off-the-wall nutrition tips to cash-in on our increasing obsession. Many of these “fad diets” make pseudo-scientific claims that appeal to people eager to drop a few pounds. The focus around one particular food group or a secret health food gives many of these diets the mystique to become popular. In recent history, one of the more popular of these fad diets has focused on consuming just grapefruit.

The grapefruit diet, also known as the Hollywood diet, originated in the United States in the 1930s. The diet centralizes on the claim that grapefruit has extraordinary weight-loss properties, such as a fat-burning enzyme. The grapefruit diet is considered unhealthy by most nutritionists due to the absence of essential vitamins and minerals and … Read More

Psychotic Outbreak in Depression

About one in four people admitted in a hospital with depression, are there because of psychotic outbreak.

What is psychotic outbreak, then?

Basically, this is a state where you get away from reality. A lot of the symptoms are very similar to schizophrenia – you can hear voices, have delusions of grandeur, say things that do not make sense, become totally antisocial, having difficulties communicating with other people, experiencing hallucinations and just plainly looking after yourself.

But there is one difference in the symptoms of psychotic depression from schizophrenia. If you are aware of your strange thoughts, hallucinations, behavior or voices, schizophrenic is not.

This is one of the main reasons why it's so difficult to diagnose and treat this particular sever depression disorder. People are scared and ashamed of it, they think they are going mad and hide their condition.

Among other signs of psychotic depression there are anxiety … Read More

Medical Billing – Electronic Billing Pros and Cons

Everything in our world is becoming more and more automated. The days of paper are becoming things of the past. Who uses typewriters any more? True, they've been replaced by computers and printers, but with the advent of email and modems, information does not have to be printed at all any more. This is also true of medical billing to insurance carriers. With electronic billing, no longer do we have to send them a paper HICFA, but is it all good? We're going to take a devils advocate approach to electronic billing and examine both the pros and cons of sending your bills electronically.

The pros are easy to see. With electronic billing, you obviously save a lot of paper. No longer do you have to print out each bill. With electronic billing, by using a modem, you can send that bill directly to the carrier. Not only does this … Read More

The Reasons For Hot Flashes May Vary, But Some Hot Flash Cures Are Effective

The actual reasons for hot flashes during menopause are largely unknown. Finding hot flash cures is difficult for the medical community for several reasons. Here we look at the possible reasons for hot flashes and the issues that make it difficult to find effective hot flash cures.

It is hard to find an effective treatment for a symptom, when the physiological causes of the symptom are unknown. The majority of the medical community believes that the reasons for hot flashes are reduced production of estrogen and other hormones, which occurs naturally as the ovaries shut down. The primary reason for this belief is that women who must have their ovaries surgically removed due to illness and women whose ovaries have been damaged typically experience the most severe hot flash symptoms. One would hope that hot flash cures that work for these women would work for all women, but this is … Read More

5 Reasons that Blood Tests are Done

If you have had a doctor’s appointment recently for anything other than a cold, then you probably had a blood test done. This is a very common procedure and can yield some very important information for the doctor as to your health and wellbeing. There are a multitude of reasons for a blood sample to be taken and for the subsequent tests to be run, we will discuss a few of the more common reasons here.

1- Perhaps the most common reason what a blood test is performed is to validate, or not, the suspicion of a pregnancy. While there are over the counter early pregnancy tests that will give you a result, most doctors to not take this information at face value, preferring instead to get their result via blood. If in fact you are pregnant, this will be the first of many blood tests over the course of … Read More