healthyHealthy North Carolina 2020: A Better State of Health (PDF, 7.3 MB) – These are the final 2020 focus areas, objectives and targets for our state. The top layer refers to healthy fats as a result of we’d like small amounts day by day to assist coronary heart health and mind perform.

These weren’t listed, but are also very healthy: Artichokes, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, eggplant, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, radishes, squash, swiss chard, turnips, zucchini.

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Choose healthy carbohydrates and fiber sources, especially complete grains, for lengthy-lasting energy.

Single-serve containers of chocolate or other flavored complete or 2% milk drinks will be too high in calories (four hundred-550 energy) and saturated fats (1/3 of a day’s worth) to be a healthy beverage for youths.

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