Before deciding to buy a ragdoll cat, it is important to first learn about the breed, their personality, their behaviour and any health problems associated wit the breed. Searching for ragdoll cat information is made distinctly easier by access to the internet, a simple internet search on a popular search engine will yield millions of results.

However it is important to remember that not everything you read is necessarily true, there is a lot of ‘hype’ about ragdolls, and many half-truths and generalized information which you must bypass to get the real honest ragdoll cat information.

Ragdoll cats are indeed docile, laid back creatures, they will happily spend hours curled up on you knee or next to you, but they do have their playful side. Consider ragdolls to be like children, they are innocent, trusting and sweet, but they can often be very playful and even destructive.

This is your ragdoll, although it isn’t likely to be a tear away, if left alone for too long, it can destroy. Ragdolls need as much stimulations as any other cat, more if you take into consideration they must be kept as indoor cats only, never allowed outdoors alone.

They are far too trusting an animal, they are docile to the point of indolence and more often than not, if provoked, will not fight back, while this may be great if you have children, it is far from helpful when they are outside.

While the ragdoll is an easy going creature, owners report that they can be very vocal, long nights can be spend listening to them meow endlessly at you, without ever understanding what they are trying to say. Sure they are just being friendly, telling you about their cat life, but after a while it can get annoying.

Another odd trait is the ragdolls obsession with water, while most cats would go out of their way to avoid water, the ragdoll seems fascinated by the mere sight of it, and investigation is imminent.

Because of this, a ragdoll might think nothing of joining you in the bath or shower, even if you object to their presence – just as a ragdoll would think nothing of playing in a pond, another good reason for ragdolls to be kept indoor.

If you own a ragdoll, always look behind you before stepping back, several times daily you will end up stepping on a stray foot or tail that you didn’t realize was there, they are stealthy, they are persistent, and they follow you around like a tail.

Ragdolls are big, very big indeed, and need a lot of food, they won’t be content with one tin a day, with food always on their mind they will let you know often and regularly they want feeding. But all these problems are outweighed by the sweetness, the loving, trusting temperament of the ragdoll cat, they are the cat for dog lovers and the dog for cat lovers, a wonderful, kindly breed.

Of course the only true way to get to know a ragdoll is to meet one, so if you know someone who has one, go visit. Ask them to be honest with you about this creatures temperament and behaviour, they won’t sugar coat their words and you are likely to gain some valuable insight into this particular breed of cat.