A nice documentary on various patient care teams that are providing excellent care.

The first segment is about a physician in Maine that makes house calls, and makes connections with the whole community. Visiting patients in their home can open a whole world of possibilities, especially for primary care pharmacists. I visited a few patients in their homes with their physician and care coordinator, and I was able to make sure their ability to take their medications was optimized, storage was appropriate, and work with the team to ensure their good health.

A lot of the patient visits in the film are likely familiar to many primary care providers because managing a patient’s chronic disease is a unique challenge especially to underserved populations. “It begins with a relationship that then leads to encouragement, leads to a professional kind of friendship, and eventually leads to mutual goals for [a patient’s] better health.” The bottom line is that patient care is all about the patient being at the center of practice – not numbers or money.

Another major point the documentary hits on is team-based patient care. A Nurse Practitioner and president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners said it best: “Healthcare has also become a team effort; no single disciple is able to handle the volume of patients entering into primary care. No discipline works independently – we all rely on one another for expertise that exists outside our scope of practice. Rather than get into turf wars over scope-of-practice issues, clinicians need to work together to provide the best care that we can for every patient who we see. There is more than enough work for all of us.”