Technology has revolutionized the medical industry and has made it much easier for physicians and others in this field to get an accurate picture of what is happening inside a patient’s body for a variety of reasons.

One of these marvels of technology is the high resolution ultrasound machine, which can produce incredibly clear images of various parts of the human body from deep underneath the skin. It is more popularly used for fetal ultrasounds to provide an accurate picture of how well the fetus is developing at various stages of pregnancy. But how exactly does high resolution ultrasound work?

A high-resolution ultrasound is also known as a level II and is a screening exam that is performed to get detailed information about the growth and development of a fetus. This specific medical test generates high resolution images that allow physicians to analyze a specific organ if necessary, and pinpoint if there are any abnormalities with the fetus.

Since there is no harm caused to the mother and baby during this procedure, a high-resolution ultrasound is considered to be very safe. These tests are usually performed during the second trimester and can doctors help find out if the baby is vulnerable to certain medical conditions including heart defects, spina bifida, or Down syndrome.

It is typically more effective if the mother has a full bladder during the procedure. That’s because a full bladder moves the uterus up and the bowel away for a more accurate and clear image. A special gel is applied to the abdomen to pick up the device’s high-frequency sound waves which are reflected off structures within the mother’s body to create a detailed image of the baby.

A ‘transducer’ is moved all over the mother’s abdomen to get clear images of the baby’s spine, brain, and organs. These can all be measured to assess if the fetus is developing at a healthy rate.

The high-resolution ultrasound is one of the more innovative tools that have been developed in modern times to assist in the monitoring of healthy pregnancies. Should any issues be detected, procedures can be performed on the baby even while still within the mother’s womb. Or else, proper preparations can be made to deal with any issues once the child is born. It should be performed at least once can prove to be an important part of a healthy and safe pregnancy.

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