baby massage

Babies have very sensitive skin and soft bones. So, do not let baby Mother in pain because of the baby massage in a less precise way. So, how to massage baby properly?

Choosing the right baby massage oil

How to massage a good baby and the first thing to do is to choose the right baby oil. How to choose a good oil for the baby is to test whether the oil fits with the skin of the baby Mother. If there is no alarming reaction, it means the oil is safe to use.

Starting from the foot

The correct baby massage tutorial is started from the foot. The reason is the legs are part of the baby’s body is less sensitive when compared with other body parts. Starting from the thighs yes, Mother. Perform a gentle circular motion up to the base of the foot.

Give light pressure on the sole of the foot.

The sole of the foot is a good part to stimulate the baby’s body system. Well, apply light pressure in this section to get the benefits of baby massage. Massage is also part of the toe as it can help overcome the problem of teeth and accelerate the growth of baby teeth.

Massage the abdomen.

The benefits of baby massage will be felt baby if Mother massaging the stomach the right way. To massage, the stomach should be done from top to bottom with a soft pressure. Benefits of massaging the stomach will help digestion and get rid of the gas in the belly beloved baby.

Massage the baby’s back.

How to massage a newborn baby on the back also need Mother apply. Apply the baby to the right position, then massage with a gentle circular motion from the buttocks to the baby’s neck back and forth. Massaging the baby’s back is very useful for making the baby relax and sleep peacefully.

Massage on the baby’s chest.

When it comes to the chest, massage the baby by making movements up to the shoulders or the back of the neck. Then to the left and right or to the collarbone as if to form a picture of the heart. After that, go back to the heartburn. Do also diagonal movement or form the letter X from the right chest to the baby’s left chest, and vice versa. That’s how to massage a newborn baby right in the chest.

The right time to massage the baby.

Then, when is the time to massage the right baby? Ideally, the baby is massaged just before the Little Sleep. After a massage, usually, the baby will immediately sleep. Once you wake up, immediately bathe the little one to come back fresh.

Those are some ways to massages a newborn baby to keep them comfortable during a massage. Maintain freshness and growth of the body of your beloved baby. Hopefully useful!

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