Human Growth Hormone has been in the news quite a bit.  With hundreds of supplements to look at on the market, what makes human growth hormone so interesting?  Why are people taking it and how does it help?  The reason is that it is a hormone which helps the body stay young.  HGH is considered the fountain of youth and essential in keeping the body functioning optimally. Human growth hormone levels decline in the body as people get older.  Supplementing has become the norm and human growth hormone supplements are in high demand. Visit for more know-how.

Benefits of using HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE

Human growth hormone was discovered in the early 1920s and isolated in 1956.  Human growth hormone in the human body is measured at 500mcg in men between 20 – 30 years of age.  The anterior pituitary gland produces this hormone and offers benefits like:

  1. the ability to synthesize proteins and aids in muscle repair and recovery
  2. metabolizing body fat and converting it into a source of energy
  3. used by professionals to increase and maintain muscle mass
  4. Improving sleep patterns and better REM sleep
  5. Helps with higher energy levels
  6. Improved sexual performance
  7. Strong bones

Since human growth hormone offers all these benefits, researchers believe that it may be better than testosterone and has fewer side effects in limited amounts. Beneficial doses are 1 – 1.5 mg in the bloodstream and this is the optimal level of natural human growth hormone. Go for the HGH test today.

How to increase human growth hormone levels

Human growth hormone levels can be increased by doing the following – training, resting, improved nutrition and using supplements. You may also visit for more info.

Training: This helps the body to release human growth hormone naturally. Very intense workouts which burn a lot of calories and exhaustion help the body to release more to synthesize protein better… This kind of activity can be sustained best by body builders.  Talk to a trainer before starting an intense program.

Resting: Close to 75% of the total human growth hormone in the body happens while we sleep.  Sleep is really important to be able to recover and recoup stores.  Make sure to get at least 8 – 10 hours of sleep and more REM sleep will help in higher hormonal output. 

Improved Nutrition: Eating well is the most important part of any regimen.  To have the body produce human growth hormone naturally, amino acids are needed in good quantities.  Make sure to eat good fats in the tune of 15-20% of diet to stimulate the production of cholesterol. This will help to store hormones in the body and release slowly for use. Dietary nutrients which promote human growth hormone are Vitamin B3, C and anti-oxidants.  Make sure to take your supplements about an hour before working out and on an empty stomach. Talk to a trainer and get the right supplement stack. Add whey protein to the diet.

Using supplements: It is always a good idea to eat well and use supplements to help the body produce human growth hormone naturally.

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