“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”

– Santosh Kalwar

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Addiction is a funny thing; it takes you by surprise
You think that you’re just having fun;
not aware you’re telling lies
He gambled away all that he had,
didn’t realise until it was gone
now he shuffles through the darkness;
eyes cast down to hide his shame
He doesn’t even see me closely following
he is hollowed out from deep within
we move in very different circles now;
we live through varied; indifferent times
His steps are small and slow; unhurried;
he has no place to go.
my steps are faster; quickly hurrying
I wonder if he even knows
and if he feels me as I pass him by
he shows no trace of recognition;
doesn’t question why
He gambled everything we had
he gambled away his life
the stakes were high;
but when the chips were down
he gambled away our love
I spent so long in trying to save him
because he wouldn’t save himself
reasoning became so pointless; futile;
he wouldn’t fight to spare my health
he sold my art to feed his habit
sold my diamond engagement ring
with sapphires like my bright blue eyes
now clouded when I sing
but what is the definition of addiction
can anyone among us tell me why
I would waste my life in chasing something
that was only born to live so long then die
what is the shape of my heart without him
it lies broken; shattered on the floor
the angels tried to piece it back together again
but it will never be as good as it was before
Once something so very beautiful is broken
there’s a fragile weakness that remains
and the glue that once held you altogether
never sets as fast or strong again.

– AP – Copyright remains with the author

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