If you are looking for catastrophic health insurance coverage, your goal is to get the best rate you possibly can with a top-rated insurer. The following explains exactly how to do that.

What is catastrophic health insurance coverage?

Catastrophic health insurance coverage covers all your major medical costs along with hospital bills. It doesn’t, however, pay for your prescriptions or your visits to your doctor. This type of insurance coverage is also known as major medical health insurance. This type of health insurance coverage covers your hospital visits, any surgical treatment you might have, intensive medical care expenses, X-rays, necessary lab tests, along with other hospital connected costs.

Of all of the kinds of standard health insurance, catastrophic health insurance coverage is the most affordable. The insurance deductible with one of these policies (the money you have to pay toward an insurance claim before your insurer will pay) begin at $500 and may go up to $5,000 This type of insurance coverage comes with a cap, or lifetime benefit, of $1 million to $3 million, after which your benefits plus your policy will be immediately terminated.

In case you have a pre-existing health problem for example AIDS, cardiovascular disease, diabetic issues, MS, or emphysema, you might not be able to get a catastrophic health insurance protection plan.

Catastrophic health insurance is a great plan if you want to save a lot of money on your health insurance, if you are in good health, and if you do not take many prescribed drugs. It is also a sensible choice if you’ve retired from your job, don’t have any insurance, and are not yet eligible for Medicare.

Things To Consider

You’ll want to ask yourself these basic questions before you purchase catastrophic health insurance coverage …

– What is the total price of the policy?

– What exactly will the policy pay for and how much is the insurance cap?

– Am I Going To have the ability to cover the cost of my prescribed drugs and any visits to the doctor?.

– Am I Going To be able to pay for the insurance deductible?

Getting The Best Rate

You will need to compare rates from a number of different insurance companies to get the best price quote, and the quickest and easiest way to accomplish this will be to go to an insurance comparison site.

At these websites you’ll be required to enter your present health details as well as the kind of insurance coverage you want on a simplified questionnaire. Once you submit the questionnaire, you’ll get price quotes from a number of A-rated insurers.

After you get all of your insurance quotes, all you have to do is compare the actual insurance coverages and insurance quotes from the different companies and select the least expensive quote with the company that offers the protection you’ll need.

The entire procedure can be done in under 10 minutes and you could save hundreds of dollars a year in premiums. Time wisely spent to say the least. paulawrightson.tumblr.com/post/66663284622

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