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Title: Induction coils : how to make, use, and repair them including Ruhmkorff, Tesla, and medical coils, Roentgen radiography, wireless telegraphy, and practical information on primary and secondary battery
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Authors: Schneider, Norman H. (Norman Hugh)
Subjects: Induction coils Radiography X-rays Radiography
Publisher: New York : Spon & Chamberlain London : E. & F.N. Spon
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
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ondary insulation in per-forming this experiment. CHAPTER VI. SPECTRUM ANALYSIS. If a metal or the salt of a metal beburned in a flame it imparts to the flame adistinctive color ; table salt thrown intothe fire burns with a yellowish flame, de-noting the presence of sodium, and agreenish tint, indicating the combustionof chlorine. Violet flames accompany theburning of the salts of potassium, andbarium burns green. Lithium and stron-tium give a red hue. But to be ordinarilyperceptible, the salts require for the mostpart to be present in considerable quanti-ties. By the use of the spectroscope,however, extremely small proportions ofthese metals and salts can be readily de-tected and classified. If a beam of light be transmitted 132 Spectrtun A nalysis. through a prism ot glass the rays are de-composed, and what is known as a spec-trum is formed (Fig. 40). The most gen-erally observed spectrum is the rainbow.When the light from a flame in which isburning some suitable substance be trans-

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FiG. 40. mitted through the prism, the color whichpredominates, in the flame will predomi-nate in its spectrum. The combination ofa prism and tubes for observing theseeffects is a spectroscope (Fig. 41). Theshort fat spark from the Rhumkorff coil ismost useful in this work. The electrodes spectrum A dialysis. 33 are provided with a portion of the sub-stance to be examined, and the spark is

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