You have to wonder if Lutein 20 mg tablets are enough to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration or AMD.

There is some evidence that a Lutein 20mg tablet can improve visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and glare recovery in people with AMD. Even 10mg has a potential benefit, but the body’s ability to absorb it may be an issue.

In the body, some nutrients “compete” for absorption. This relates to a Lutein 20 mg supplement, in that beta-carotene competes with it for absorption. Beta-carotene is the precursor of vitamin A. Most daily multi-vitamins contain it.

Research has shown that Lutein 20mg tablets are highly absorbed. Both blood levels and concentration in the retina increases after supplementation. But, in studies where beta-carotene was included, the increase in blood level was not as great. You might think that the answer is to not take beta-carotene, but that nutrient is just as important to the health of the eyes.

A better solution is to increase the dosage. Instead of taking Lutein 20 mg supplements, a dose of 50mg is what many health experts recommend.

Of course, zeaxanthin is another nutrient to consider for supplementation. It is also found in large concentrations in the pigments of the retina, particularly in the macula. A minimum of 6mg per day is recommended. Beta-carotene does not appear to compete with it for absorption.

Another nutrient to consider is lycopene, a similar antioxidant, a large body of research suggests that it provides benefits to the health of the eyes, as well as the heart, skin and prostate. At least 15mg per day is recommended, but up to 75mg is safe, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Actually, when you learn about all of the nutrients that are beneficial to the long-term health of the eyes, the heart, the brain and other organs of the body, you realize that you could end up taking several handfuls of pill every day.

There are some better multi-nutritional supplements that provide more than a Lutein 20mg dose, along with lycopene, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and dozens of other antioxidants and extracts.

Research has shown that bilberry extract inhibits the formation of the yellow deposits that are responsible for AMD. Researchers have looked at a number of different plant extracts and their effect on age-related diseases, especially AMD, because there is no cure or effective treatment. It is the primary cause of blindness among people over the age of 65 in industrialized societies.

If you want to prevent this kind of disease and other age-related diseases, you need more than lutein 20mg supplements. It appears that a number of our most feared diseases, including cancer, are preventable, with the proper nutrient intake, a healthy diet, a good bit of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

If we can learn to prevent these diseases, we should be able to live longer, while remaining active and alert.

It was thought that diminished vision always accompanied the aging process, but that might not be inevitable.

Taking a lutein 20 mg supplement might help, but even more help is available.

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