People are experiencing a growing curiosity concerning the latest innovation in home beverage production. Sodastream is a revolutionary product that allows consumers to produce their own carbonated beverages at home while using water right from their taps or home filtration systems. Although there are many positive points to creating drinks of this type on your own, the health benefits of such a product is dubious at best.

Consumption and Product Use

The average soda drinker can certainly gain a few benefits from switching to a home beverage maker. The Sodastream soda mix flavorings have a lot less sugar, carbs and calories than traditional soda brands. Someone who drinks an excessive amount of store bought colas will find a number of benefits in the dramatic reduction of sugar consumption among other things. Ultimately, however, it remains true that carbonated drinks, especially flavored sodas, can have a negative impact on numerous aspects of human health, including the teeth, bone density and blood sugar levels. Thus, rather than switching from store bought brands to those that are made at home, it is best to transition drinking habits to focus on fresh, pure water and real fruit or vegetable juices.

Sparkling Water

For those who enjoy the stinging bite of a heavily carbonated drink, sparkling water may be the healthiest option that Sodastream is able to produce as these beverage mixes include no calories, carbs, sugars or sugar substitutes. While the product manufacturer can cite marked differences in sugar, calorie and carb levels when comparing popular soda brands and Sodastream soda products, there are no noted differences between Sodastream sparkling water beverages and sparkling water that can be purchased at the store. Here the product can only promise a greater measure of convenience and marked savings for regular sparkling water drinkers.

Accounting for Water Quality

There are other external factors that can impact the health benefits of Sodastream products. The most important of these is certainly the quality of the product user’s water supply. If unfiltered water is being used during the creation process, this may well be introducing a number of chemical toxins including fluoride, chlorine and chloramine among numerous additional chlorine derivatives and other contaminants. If purified water is used in the production process, these things can be lessened if not eliminated entirely. However, the costs of securing and using purified water must be factored into the total expense for product use when calculating its overall value.

The Health Benefits of Sugar Substitutes May Be Nonexistent

Although less sugar is almost always a good thing, many Sodastream products offset the flavor differences that arise from the lesser amount of this popular soda ingredient through the use of artificial sweeteners. These products are widely touted as carcinogens. While no aspartme is used in Sodastream drink mixes, sucralose is and this ingredient remains highly controversial in terms of its health benefits.

The only real conclusion that can be drawn about Sodastream before using a Sodastream coupon is that it can only be truly beneficial to the health of individuals who routinely consume excessive amounts of store bought sodas. In these instances, this product can reduce the impact that this particular beverage preference has on the human body by a very significant amount. With far less sugar, people can likely look forward to a lower likelihood of oral decay. Fewer calories and fewer carbs could result in less weight gain and even weight loss among other things. Thus, if you are geared up and ready to use a Sodastream coupon you can be assured that it will only have an optimal value if you are already a major soda drinker.